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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1464

73201. In a belt drive, the velocity ratio is the inverse ratio of the diameters of driving and driven pulleys.

73202. In order to have a connecting rod equally strong in buckling about X-axis and Y-axis, the moment of inertia about X-axis should be __________ the moment of inertia about Y-axis.

73203. The bearing characteristic number in a hydrodynamic bearing depends upon

73204. A spring is used to

73205. When the top of a tooth undercuts the root on the mating gear, it is known as interference.

73206. If the helix angle of a helical gear is increased, the load carrying capacity of the tooth increases.

73207. The expansion joint is mostly used for pipes which carry steam at __________ pressures.

73208. A compound belt drive is used when

73209. A tapered key which fits in a key way in the hub and is flat on the shaft, is known as

73210. The included angle for the V-belt is usually

73211. In static loading, stress concentration is more serious in

73212. The bending stress in a curved beam is

73213. The piston pin bearings in heavy duty diesel engines are

73214. Cast iron pipes are mainly used

73215. In a multiple V-belt drive, if one of the belts break, then

73216. The steel pulleys are __________ in weight than cast iron pulleys of the same capacity.

73217. The parallel fillet welded joints are designed for compressive strength.

73218. A column of length l is fixed at both ends. The equivalent length of the column is

73219. A spring of stiffness 1000 N/m is streteched initially by 100 mm from the undeformed position. The work required to stretch it by another 100 mm is

73220. A feather key transmits a turning moment and permits axial movement also.

73221. The width of the pulley should be __________ width of the belt.

73222. In a boundary lubricated bearing, there is a __________ of lubricant between the journal and the bearing.

73223. The design of the pressure vessel is based on

73224. In order to have smooth operation, the minimum number of teeth on the smaller sprocket, for moderate speeds, should be

73225. For high speed engines, the cam follower should move with

73226. Rankine's theory is used for

73227. The objective of caulking in a riveted joint is to make the joint

73228. A material is stressed within elastic limit and its linear strain is double as compared to lateral strain. The ratio of its Bulk modulus to Young's modulus will be equal to one.

73229. A jam nut is a locking device in which

73230. The difference between the upper limit and lower limit of a dimension is called

73231. The algebraic difference between the actual size and the corresponding basic size is called actual deviation.

73232. Which vitamin is known as Antisterility vitamin?

73233. The average shear stress in the hollow shaft is smaller than the average shear stress in the solid shaft.

73234. The diameter of knuckle pin in a knuckle joint is usually taken as (where d = Diameter of the rod)

73235. The design of shafts made of brittle materials is based on

73236. A locking device extensively used in automobile industry is a

73237. The princely state of Manipur merged with the Indian Union in?

73238. A key way lowers

73239. A key is normally made from a cold rolled mild steel bars.

73240. Which of following statement is correct, for the two shafts connected in parallel?

73241. Lewis form factor for the 20° full depth involute system is equal to 0.154 - 0.841/T.

73242. The railway carriage couplings have

73243. A shaft is subjected to

73244. When the lubricant is forced between the journal and the bearing by external pressure, the bearing is called hydrostatic lubricated bearing.

73245. Crushing resistance required to crush the rivet per pitch length is

73246. Tearing resistance required to tear off the plate per pitch length is (where p = Pitch of rivets, d = Dia. of rivet hole, and σt = Permissible tensile stress for plate material)

73247. The buttress threads have low frictional resistance characteristic of the square threads and have the same strength of V-threads.

73248. The tension on the slack side of the belt is __________ the tension on the tight side of the belt.

73249. The centre to centre distance between two consecutive rivets in a row, is called

73250. Fill up the blanks with suitable words given: The play was so ......... laughed that the audience all through it.?

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