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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1584

79201. Chemical name of Vitamin E is?

79202. To try to establish world peace is only .........?

79203. “Post mortem” means:?

79204. Who was known as ‘Fuehrer’ (Leader)?

79205. There are ......... than twenty boys in the class.?

79206. a–ba–cbaac–aa–ba?

79207. A............is a unique name that you give to a file of information?

79208. The number of girls in a class is half of the number of boys. The total number of students in the class can be?

79209. The foreigner had ......... set foot on the street when he was knocked down by a car.?

79210. Who was the first BCCI award winner?

79211. Enriched uranium used in a nuclear reactor is?

79212. Who, amongst the following, was the last Mughal Empoerer to sit on the Peackock throne?

79213. The resting place of Narasimha Rao?

79214. The Jews came to Kerala in ......... A.D.?

79215. The new socio-economic system that arose in Europe in medieval times is known as?

79216. Opposition to the construction of big dams has been mounting in India because?

79217. Who was the author of 'Aithihyamala'?

79218. The official book of Italy?

79219. Who is regarded as the 'Mother of the Indian Revolution?

79220. Sher Shah died while fighting in?

79221. A motor car is kept in a ..........?

79222. Who among the following Indian author has won the Prestigious Dan David prize?

79223. Which districts in Kerala has no railway line?

79224. The first vice chancellor of the Kerala University?

79225. The Portuguese colonialism started in India in .........?

79226. The Rubber Institute of India situated in?

79227. With the rapid growth of techniques and internet, it is clear that no activity on internet can remain free from the influence of?

79228. Trihydric acid is?

79229. In ancient India, a group of related families or community living homogenously in a given locality was known as :?

79230. The insulator of electricity?

79231. A device used for measuring very low resistance in resistance thermometers?

79232. Which carries blood from the heart?

79233. Conversion of elctrical energy into chemical energy is observed in?

79234. The first general election to the Lok Sabha was held in .........?

79235. Which of the followning exhibit highest wavelength?

79236. I save money by ......... smoking.?

79237. Fill up the blanks using suitable alternative: Last evening I went to the optician and bought ...................?

79238. Who was the founder of Vala Samudaya Parishkarini Sabha?

79239. Gurudas Bhanarjee was the first Indian Vice.Chancellor in--------University.

79240. Which Indian city is known as ‘The City of Demonstrations’?

79241. Roopa Bhadratha Vaadam was related to

79242. The legal advisor of constituent assembly

79243. Name the first Chairman of Finance Commission

79244. Bhasha Poshini Sabha was founded by

79245. The author of ‘Najan Oru Puthiya Lokam Kandu’

79246. Jeeval Sahithya Prasthanam was the early name of

79247. Dharmam was a work of

79248. When did the magazine ‘Muslim’published?

79249. Who wrote the poem ‘Tagore Malayalam’?

79250. Orthographic projections have projectors that are parallel to the plane of projection.

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