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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1780

89001. In track meets both 100 yards and 100meters are used as distances. By how many meters is 100 meters longer than 100 yards?

89002. Who is the first cricketer to reach 15,000 runs in test matches?

89003. The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is located at?

89004. The Government of India constituted the National Welfare Fund in 1982 in the field of sports. This fund was created to give financial assistance to?

89005. Which of the following places is NOT associated with Cricket?

89006. All of the following places are associated with the game of Football EXCEPT?

89007. The measurement of Lawn Tennis court for singles is?

89008. In Cricket, the two sets of Wickets are?

89009. Tiger Wood is associated with which of the following sports?

89010. With which of the following sports is Leroy Burrel associated?

89011. Indira Gandhi Indoor stadium, which is India's largest indoor stadium, can accommodate … about people?

89012. Which is the world's oldest sport?

89013. Burdwan Shield is associated with?

89014. In which game the word 'carom' is used?

89015. In which game the 'word 'Bull's Eye' is used?

89016. Who wrote 'Sunny Days'?

89017. What is the national sport of Japan?

89018. Which sport was once called 'Poena Game'?

89019. Davis Cup competition first held in?

89020. Who was the first woman to win an Olympic gold medal?

89021. For which sport the Nehru 1rophy is given?

89022. Is Davis Cup, a cup?

89023. Where was the Snooker played for the first time in the world?

89024. With which game is the Colombo Cup associated?

89025. When were women allowed to, take part in the Olympics?

89026. How many rings are there in an Olympic flag?

89027. In which game the expression 'Banana kick' is used?

89028. What is the name of the playing ground where baseball is played?

89029. Who played cricket even at a very old age?

89030. How many holes are there in a golf playground?

89031. 'Hurlington' is associated with?

89032. Name the first Indian to win world Billiards tide?

89033. Which game is called the king of Indoor games?

89034. The term 'yorker' comes in which game?

89035. Where in India is the famous Dhyan Chand National Stadium?

89036. What is the height of the cricket stump?

89037. Grand Slam applies to which sport?

89038. Who was the winner of most consectuive singles finals Grand Slam events than any other player?

89039. Who designed Olympic flag?

89040. Wellington 'lrophy is associated with?

89041. Who 'was the first woman hockey player to receive Arjuna Award?

89042. Who wrote the book "My Style"?

89043. Where was women's cricket first; played?

89044. Who published the book on chess game for the first time?

89045. When was hockey introduced in the Olympic games?

89046. Who was the founder of the first College of Physical Education in India?

89047. Who composed Olympic motto?

89048. Which is the world's fastest game?

89049. Who authored the book "Living for Cricket"?

89050. Where was billiards first played?

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