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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1791

89551. ASEAN refers to Association of South-East?

89552. Which of the following· bodies certifies circulation figures of newspapers and periodicals?

89553. COFEPOSA is associated with?

89554. The radio code signal of extreme distress is called?

89555. What does 'R' stand for in START?

89556. LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by?

89557. INTERPOL stands for?

89558. Which of the following international organisation is dedicated to the cause of wildlife conservation?

89559. Which one of the following. does NOT belong to the list?

89560. Which of the following does NOT belong to the list?

89561. Which one of the. following is NOT a news agency?

89562. . MOOVATrefers to?

89563. SFDA stands for?

89564. IRDP stands for?

89565. LTTE stands for?

89566. NPC stands for?

89567. What is the full form of the term "NAFTA"?

89568. FIPB stands for?

89569. NTPC stands for?

89570. SETI stands for?

89571. NREP stands for?

89572. What does PEN stand for?

89573. Ashoka was famous for?

89574. L.L.M. is?

89575. What is the expansion of u.G.e?

89576. The refineries at Guwahati. Digboi. Haldia, Mathura are owned by?

89577. ISB stands for?

89578. The First Woman who secured the Nehru Literacy Award:?

89579. Which of the following is of a different class from the rest?

89580. 'Em bargo' means?

89581. deja vu means?

89582. A 'deciduous tree' is one that?

89583. 'Brain drain' means?

89584. What does the term 'hard currency' mean?

89585. The term "Fourth Estate" refers to?

89586. 'Polyandry' means?

89587. A port where no duties are levied on articles of commerce known as?

89588. 'Secularism' means?

89589. Sine die means?

89590. Pari passu means?

89591. Locus standi means?

89592. Faitaccompli means?

89593. Impasse means?

89594. Extempore means?

89595. Ad hoc means?

89596. Lingua franca means?

89597. A misanthrope is one who hates?

89598. What is Dutch auction?

89599. Mention the period known as Vicennial?

89600. How many articles are covered by Baker's Dozen?

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