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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1792

89601. Who is Charge d’ affaires?

89602. What do you mean by Adam's Ale or Wine?

89603. What is Quincentenary?

89604. What is a googol?

89605. What is meant by Dutch treat?

89606. Homosapiens means?

89607. 'Yellow cake', an item of smuggling across borders is?

89608. Which of the following best explains the term "Telecommuting"?

89609. Gang Plank refers to?

89610. In journalistic jargon, who or what is a hackette?

89611. The practice of marriage under which the husband marries the sister of his deceased wife is known as?

89612. A normal way for a joint family to break up is known as?

89613. If you are referring to the Thesaurus, it would relate to a?

89614. Atheism means?

89615. Apropos means?

89616. Ultra vires means?

89617. What does 'blue blood' mean?

89618. . "On cloud" followed by a number (7 or 9) means?

89619. Montezuma's revenge is?

89620. What is the Russian word meaning 'restructuring'?

89621. A two-word phrase for 'a choice with no real alternative?

89622. What do 'we call a woman whose husband is habitually or temporarily absent?

89623. . What is special about the word' 'cauliflower'?

89624. A person representing his country abroad is known as?

89625. Tlie place, where the insane are looked after is known as?

89626. Underground room where wine is stored is known as?

89627. A monument erected in honour of a person buried elsewhere is called?

89628. Ad valorem means, according to the?

89629. The willful extermination of a minority or a section of a community by mass .killing is called?

89630. Governance through trade union organisations is known as?

89631. Coiffure means?

89632. Zero hour is?

89633. If you were called 'butterfingers' by your friends, it would be because you?

89634. What. name is given to a group of leopards?

89635. What name is given to a man whose wife has been unfaithful to him?

89636. Who are guerrillas?

89637. What is the meaning of 'iv-avis'?

89638. Ifyou were said to have green fingers this would' suggest that you?

89639. What is an oratorio?

89640. What is young hare called?

89641. If you were ailurophobic, of what would you be afraid?

89642. What is Japanese word for 'Good Bye'?

89643. What are the Latin words often used to express the meaning:(a) word for word ((b) letter for letter?

89644. What is the name given to a young horse?

89645. Who is the God of Love according to Roman mythology?

89646. What is the name given to the Indian National Anthem when it was first rendered into English by Tagore?

89647. Government of India's official book for special information is called?

89648. Who was the first woman Chief Minister of a state in India?

89649. Name the farm settlement in South America where Gandhiji developed the non-violent resistance tactics which later helped to topple British rule in India?

89650. What is the name of the Prime Minister of India who has never. been a Congress man?

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