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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1823

91151. Which of the following companies owns the largest fleet of ships in India (Gross Registered Tonnage - GRT)?

91152. The BSE Sensex is based on how many Stocks?

91153. National Ship Designand Research Centre (NSDRC) is located at?

91154. In India, the length of major rivers (Kms) navigable by mechanised crafts is approximately?

91155. The riverine port handling-diversified commodities in India is?

91156. . How many major ports are located along the 76 km total coastline of India?

91157. When were the two power generation corporations, namely National Thermal Power Corporation and National Hydroelectric Power Corporation created?

91158. The first paper mill in India was set up in which of the following States?

91159. Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited (HOCL) , which is engaged in the manufacture of pesticides in India, is located at?

91160. The concept 'Duopoly' was introduced by?

91161. Which of the following organisations is being merged with its parent organisation Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation of India (IClCI)?

91162. What rank India holds in the milk production in the world?

91163. 'Indian Bank became one of the first banks to introduce 'account portability' in February 2 'Account portability' means?

91164. "The magazine of the corporate world" is written on the cover page of which business magazine?

91165. Who is the head of the committee on capital account convertibility?

91166. Which of the following is not a manufacturing company?

91167. Which of the following is a credit rating agency?

91168. The code for corporate governance has been given by?

91169. The proposed All India Goods and Services Tax shall subsume?

91170. Which of the following is the feature of monopolistic competition?

91171. Minimum Alternate Tax is a policy component of?

91172. Which is the only Public Sector in computer industry?

91173. WMA is a system which will?

91174. The Purchase and sale of Securities by the Central Bank is known as?

91175. Car and diesel are the examples of?

91176. Debenture holders of a company are its?

91177. The minimum number of members in a co-operative society in Tamil Nadu is?

91178. Overdraft facility is available for those who have?

91179. The part of capital which is not represented in assets is called?

91180. Custodian of foreign exchange is?

91181. Single entry system of book-keeping means?

91182. The closing stock should be valued at?

91183. Equity shareholders are the company's?

91184. UTI is associated with?

91185. Food for Work Programme was introduced during the?

91186. The commodity which accounts for maximum volume of goods transported by the railways in India is?

91187. Which of the following has introduced India's first environmental friendly equity index called "Greenex" in Feb 2012?

91188. The aim of the Intensive Agricultural Area Programme (JAAP) was?

91189. Buffer stock operations are conducted by?

91190. The shortcomings of the public sector undertakings are?

91191. The main constituent of the new economic policy is?

91192. The most important small scale industry of India is?

91193. The Indian Government is giving import entitlement to?

91194. The important feature of Green Revolution in India has been?

91195. Who had introduced "Expenditure Tax" in India for the first time?

91196. Professional tax is levied by?

91197. Who introduced the concept, Consumer's Surplus?

91198. Personal income equals?

91199. A staunch advocate of free trade policy is?

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