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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1824

91201. Macro Economics is a?

91202. Activities which are undertaken by human beings for earning money may be called as?

91203. Managerial control is more in the case of a?

91204. Partner's liability in India is?

91205. The shares in a co-operative society?

91206. In a Government Company, the share capital of the Government must be not less than?

91207. When the goods are imported for the purpose of export, it is called?

91208. Cash paid to the creditors can be calculated from?

91209. The Profit and Loss of a Partnership concern is shared among the partners?

91210. The minimum number of Directors. in the case of Public Limited Company is?

91211. The Dividend is declared in?

91212. What is the system under which possession of goods alone is transferred?

91213. In inaccessible areas of the country a large part of the local needs are met by?

91214. Octroi refers to?

91215. The Committee on the Financial System to trace the ills of public sector banks was headed by?

91216. The main and final aim of Land Reform is?

91217. Which is not related to Industries?

91218. A serious effort to tackle the problem of poverty began with?

91219. Federal Finance deals with?

91220. National income in India is computed by the?

91221. Who among the following is the Chairperson of the Expert Group for Modernisation of Indian Railways that submitted its report to the Railway Minister in February 2012?

91222. The author who made the statement: "Foreign trade is an Engine of growth" was?

91223. Seasonal unemployment occurs due to?

91224. Which of the following are the main causes of slow growth of per capita income in India? If High rate of capital formation II) High level of fiscal deficits III) High rate of growth of population IV) H'igh capital-output ratio?

91225. Which one of the following will directly increase GNP?

91226. Expenditure on defense is an item of?

91227. Long-term loans in India's Co-operative structure are extended by?

91228. Marginal Productivity theory of distribution states that the price of a factor of production depends upon its?

91229. The new name of Agricultural Prices Commission is?

91230. SIDCO is related to the development of?

91231. The concentration of Paper industries in West Bengal is based on?

91232. What basic factor of Western European countries has helped its economic development?

91233. The Southern Continents have developed in sheep rearing, while woollen industries are concentrated in Northern Continents. The reason is?

91234. Disguised unemployment refers to?

91235. In India, inflation is measured by the?

91236. Which one of the following is not included while estimating national income through income method?

91237. The 'Garibi Hatao' (Eradicate Poverty) slogan was coined during the?

91238. The open market operations refer to the sale and purchase by the RBI of?

91239. The Dunkel Draft was first submitted in its comprehensive form for consideration in?

91240. Which of the following factors led to the failure of the Third Plan? I. Chinese aggression II. Indo-Pak conflict III. Devaluation of rupee IV. Poor monsoons

91241. Which of the following features of Indian Economy cause problems in the measurement of national income? . I. illiteracy II. rapid growth of public sector III. non-monetised consumption in the villages IV. people holding multiple jobs

91242. The purpose of the tenancy reform legislation was to I. afford security to tenure to tenants II. enact fixation of fair rent III. conferment of ownership right on tenants in some cases?

91243. Which of the following were the objectives of Industrial Policy announced on May 31, 1990? I. employment generation II. dispersal of industry in rural areas III. promote exports by small scale industries

91244. The major factor that determines industrial productivity is?

91245. The important factor that hinders industrialization in underdeveloped countries is?

91246. A noticeable feature of our industrial development has been the?

91247. The backbone of all economic activities is?

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