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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1825

91251. The most rigidly government controlled industry in India is?

91252. The basic characteristic of an under-developed economy is?

91253. Uncertain income in any enterprise is?

91254. The volume of saving in a country depends upon the level of?

91255. The following two crops are the important foreign exchange earners of lndia?

91256. To get the Net National Product we deduct what from Gross National Product? .?

91257. The demand curve will go up in the case of commodity when?

91258. A firm will be at its breakdown point, when?

91259. Privatisation is the forecast of?

91260. What is the main function of currency?

91261. Which of the following is not a characteristic of Indian economy?

91262. India is the largest producer of?

91263. Demand of a commodity mainly depends on?

91264. The cost of producing iron in India is considerably lower than in the other countries because of?

91265. Currency notes of the RBI ar€1backed by certain assets.' These assets must not be less than a prescribed amount of?

91266. Who conducts public debt operations of the Government of India?

91267. The Finance Commission is mainly concerned with recommending to the President about?

91268. 'MAT' is a new tax introduced in the 1996-97Budget. It relates to?

91269. The Minimum Support Price for food grains was introduced in the year?

91270. Who benefits the most during the inflationary period?

91271. Globalisation means?

91272. 12th Five-Year Plan aims to achieve a growth rate of?

91273. India's decadal growth rate of population according to Primary Census 2011 is?

91274. 'Budget' is a?

91275. Which of the following is not in the infrastructure sector?

91276. Limited liability means?

91277. Laissez Faire means?

91278. Centralisation is said to exist, if?

91279. Which of the following is India's largest agro-industry?

91280. Which is the most labour-intensive amongst the following?

91281. When the per capita income is maximum, there is?

91282. In the recent years, the Indian. economy has been characterised as a?

91283. Indian economy is more appropriately described as a ---"economy?

91284. Which one of the following does not contribute to the development of Indian economy?

91285. The 'Minimum Needs Programme' was initiated during ____ plan?

91286. Adult education was added to the 'Minimum Neeeds Programme' during _ plan?

91287. The general price level declined during the -- plan?

91288. Which of the following components were added to the Minimum Needs Programme during the Seventh Plan?

91289. The Period 1956 to 1973 saw-" price rise?

91290. Inflation is caused by?

91291. Which is not a cause for inflation?

91292. In Indian Agriculture, there is a need for?

91293. Which of the following are having direct touch with the farmers?

91294. The Indian Railways is a...... enterprise?

91295. The 'core sector' does not include?

91296. SIDCO is related to the development of….. industries?

91297. The Oil Seeds Production Programme· (OPP) was?

91298. Which of the following is most closely approximates our definition of oligopoly?

91299. The major finance for small scale industries is?

91300. ICICI is the name of a?

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