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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1826

91301. Fiscal Policy is connected with?

91302. The most important source of public revenue is?

91303. Which of the following is the. largest single source of the Governments' earning from tax revenue?

91304. The Reserve Bank of India Bulletin is published in every?

91305. The Report on Currency and Finance is published in every?

91306. Personal disposable income is?

91307. Next to Punjab, the State, which tops in the Yield of food grains per hectare, is?

91308. Who said "Supply creates its own demand"?

91309. Growth rate of population means?

91310. Ama Jangal Yojna (my forest scheme) a bid to enhance forest cover in the state was launched in?

91311. The First Five Year Plan of the Government of India was based on?

91312. The National' Development 'Council was established in the year __?

91313. ….do not enter into marginal costs?

91314. Which of the following is not helpful in controlling money supply?

91315. --- is not a principal crop of Kharif?

91316. The Kharif crop is reaped during?

91317. Where was the coal mining first started in India?

91318. Should a Co-operative Society necessarily be registered?

91319. What is the basic feature of a Co-operative Society?

91320. Exchange rate of which of the following currencies falls because of persistence balance of payments deficit?

91321. Grapes are grown in?

91322. In India where could one find the largest number of people living below the poverty line?

91323. Name the first Prime Minister of India who presented the budget?

91324. To attract investors in India?

91325. NRIs have invested mainly in which of the following Industries?

91326. Which is India's Fertile State?

91327. India's major export items are?

91328. Which country is the leader in software manufacturing?'?

91329. Devalution means decrease in the?

91330. What is 'hard currency'?

91331. Who said, "The budget need not be a secret affair'?

91332. National Thermal Power Corporation was incorporated in?

91333. Karim Benzema, Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuain are three names famous for their performance in the field of .........?

91334. The budget deficit refers to the difference between all-revenue and expenditure of?

91335. The primary concern of economics is with real?

91336. Which of the following Mints undertakes refining of gold for licensed gold dealers and production of medals for defence services?

91337. The word 'periphery' ininternational economics refers to?

91338. 'Economic holding' means?

91339. Who among the following is associated with the theory of Laissez-faire?

91340. Globalisation of Indian economy means?

91341. In the foreign trade of ~country, which of the following must always balance?

91342. There are two commodities A and B. When the price of A rises, the demand for B rises. A and B are said to be?

91343. Which of the following prints currency notes of the denomination of Rs.100?

91344. Which of the following describes the term 'legal tender'?

91345. Gresham's law states that?

91346. Development means economic growth plus?

91347. Which of the following is more effective to control prices in the long run?

91348. Which one of the following is not a flow concept?

91349. Which Plan recommended Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) as a step to control public expenditure?

91350. Which of the following commodity groups is / are considered for working out average index? i) Fuel groups ii) Primary articles iii) Manufactured products

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