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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1827

91351. Disguised unemployment is the prominent feature of?

91352. Private investment will be most likely to be increased as. a result of a rise in?

91353. In a capitalist economy, the pattern of output is determined?

91354. When average cost increases marginal cost is?

91355. Total revenue of a firm is maximum when marginal revenue?

91356. If income is below equilibrium?

91357. Of the total revenue of the Union Government, the indirect taxes account for nearly?

91358. The Government of India acquired the ownership and control of major banks in 1969 whose deposits were not less than?

91359. Gross National Product (GNP) is?

91360. All revenues received, loans raised and money-received in repayment of loans by the Union Government go into?

91361. Costs which vary with output may be called?

91362. Which of the following is not likely to cause an increase in t' population?

91363. Who is the Chairperson of the committee appointed to revise the wholesale price index (WPI)?

91364. Which of the following items would not appear in a company's balance sheet?

91365. Secular stagnation refers to?

91366. Ceteris paribus means?

91367. The term "Hindu Rate of Growth" was coined to represent?

91368. Which of the following items does not belong to capital budget of the Government of India?

91369. Which of the following concepts are most closely associated with J.M. Keynes?

91370. One of the essential conditions of perfect competition is?

91371. The concept of National Minimum Needs was used by the Planning Commission to measure?

91372. Rate of interest on commercial borrowings of our country from abroad are reckoned with reference to LIBOR. And LlBOR denotes the?

91373. Blue Revolution is related to?

91374. An equilibrium price of a good is that which?

91375. 'Demonstration effect' of one country upon the other means that the latter?

91376. The abbreviation CACP refers to?

91377. In the context of international trade, the term 'dumping' of a good refers to its?

91378. Which of the following is not a characteristic of monopolistic competition?

91379. According jo Marx, socialism is?

91380. The major purpose ofa price index is to measure changes in the?

91381. Open market operations by a Central Bank involves?

91382. Which of the following is most likely to affect both the supply and demand for labour?

91383. Which of the following characteristics must money have?

91384. Excise duty is a tax levied on?

91385. The tax paid by every individual is?

91386. The commodity for which India spends the largest amount to' import is?

91387. Which of the following commodities earns maximum foreign exchange for India?

91388. The one rupee note bears the signature of?

91389. An ad-valorem duty is a tax basis of?

91390. Which committee was constituted for reforms in Tax Structure?

91391. What, is the effect of deficit financing on economy?

91392. Which of the following best defines free trade?

91393. Which of the following factors contribute to inflation?

91394. The largest expenditure being incurred from combined revenue expenditure of Centre, States and Union Territories is on?

91395. The "Kelkar Committee" was formed to recommend the guidelines related to?

91396. Who among the following was the first to estimate the country's Per Capita National Income during the British Rule for the year 1888?

91397. The rupee coin was first minted in India in?

91398. The Export Import (EXIM) Bank was set up in the year?

91399. What is a Scheduled Bank?

91400. The institution of regional rural banks came into existence in?

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