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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1853

92651. Who is a 'NOT ary Public'?

92652. Who has the right to remove a sessions judge from service?

92653. What is Embargo?

92654. In every criminal case?

92655. If a man is denied freedom of movement, it means denial of?

92656. Consent is a good defense in the case of?

92657. When was the 'National Security Act" passed?

92658. Who was the person to speak against the Muslim Woman (Protection of Rights on divorce) Bill in the Lok Sabha but voted for it?

92659. When was the 'Prevention of Damages to Property Act' passed?

92660. Who appoints a magistrate?

92661. A person cannot make?

92662. Under which act can a person be prosecuted if he is found to be drunk in a city?

92663. Which amendment to the Constitution of India gave immunity to the Prime Minister from criminal and civil proceedings as enjoyed by the President and Governor too?

92664. Who wrote 'Judicial Review of Confrontation'?

92665. Who drafted a Will for the first time, in the world?

92666. Where can a High Court Judge practise on retirement?

92667. A High Court has no advisory jurisdiction. Is the statement correct?

92668. A jurist can become?

92669. What is meant by 'Conscription'?

92670. Which form of the Government has 'Division of Powers' and 'Independent Judiciary' as the important characteristics?

92671. What do you mean by the term 'Lockout'?

92672. Who is the prime accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case?

92673. Whose appointment as a High Court judge was quashed by the Supreme Court in the legal history?

92674. Dower (Mahr) is a well known branch of which law?

92675. Who was the first woman chief justice of the Chennai High Court?

92676. For how many years a person has to be a High Court judge to become a Supreme Court Judge?

92677. Which state in India first abolished the Land Tax?

92678. In America, a person can be a Supreme Court judge till?

92679. Which country follows the law "Any woman not giving birth to a child can be divorced'?

92680. In which country lot of codified laws are in force?

92681. Which of the following act applies to a Government Company?

92682. If there is a dispute about the election of President in India, to whom will it be referred?

92683. Name the famous lawyer who appeared for the accused in the Alipore Conspiracy case?

92684. Where is Kew Gardens?

92685. Where can be Charminar seen?

92686. Who built Colosseum of Rome?

92687. Shanghai is situated on the river?

92688. Where is the Malampuzha dam?

92689. Where is the biggest library in India?

92690. Where was Adi Sankara born?

92691. Where is Khajuraho?

92692. In which place of Andhra Pradesh, dolls are made on a large scale?

92693. Which temple in India is named after its builder?

92694. Where is the Corbett National Park?

92695. Where can you see EIephanta Caves?

92696. Where is the Jama Masjid?

92697. Where is Angkor Wat?

92698. Where is the Jagannath Temple located?

92699. Where is Calder Hall?

92700. The spiritual importance of Konark is due to the?

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