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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1855

92751. In which of the lakes is "Lake Palace" located?

92752. The National Institute of Fashion Technology is located at?

92753. Which of the following cities an important centre of aircraft industry in India?

92754. Which one of the following is matched correctly?

92755. Raniganj in West Bengal is noted for its good quality of?

92756. Which one of the following monuments figured in the news in connection with a fall of some of its parts and its consequent archaeological conservation?

92757. Ghana Bird Sanctuary is located in?

92758. Thousands of pilgrims take holy dip in Pushkar Lake on the occasion of Kartik Poornima, the end of the Pushkar Fair. The Pushkar Lake is in?

92759. Which of the following states is famous for its beautiful sea beaches and is a main attraction of tourists?

92760. To which of the following places in India do the Siberian tourists flock in winter?

92761. "Jim Corbett National Park" is situated in the valley of the river?

92762. The confluence of the rivers Alaknanda and Mandakini is at?

92763. Which street is famous for Stock Exchange Market?

92764. Tower of Victory (Vijaya Stambh) is located in?

92765. Sri Perumbudur, a temple town in South is the birth place of?

92766. The Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur is a?

92767. Which of the following Harappan sites had a dock?

92768. The ISO-meter long road enclaves is known as?

92769. "Navakalevar" a ceremony to replace the deities with new bodies was performed this year in a temple located at which place?

92770. Where is the Mother Teresa Women's University located?

92771. Which of the following cities is not on the river Danube?

92772. Which one of the following is NOT a sea-port?

92773. Taliban forces are active in which of the following places?

92774. Hajari Jail is situated at?

92775. Name the place in India which has been declared (2007) a 'World Heritage Site' by the UNESCO?

92776. Which city is referred to as the Silicon Valley of India?

92777. The city with Equatorial climate is?

92778. Which one of the following cities is NOT under the seismic zone?

92779. Which place in India is famous for the 'Rock Garden'?

92780. Unit Trust of India's headquarters is located at?

92781. Ferozabad (UP) is famous for its?

92782. Which of the following are Gupta temples? 1) The Kankali Tila at Tigowa 2) Parvati temple at Nachna Kuthara 3) Dasavatara temple at Deogarh?

92783. Which one of the following cities is not on the banks of the river Yamuna?

92784. National Film Archives of India is at?

92785. The longest optical fibre cable of the world is-laid between?

92786. The first large-scale jute mill was established at?

92787. The Central Mining Research Station is located in which city?

92788. Which one of the following temples figured in the news regarding the institution of the Devadasis?

92789. The first chemical port In India for export and import of chemical products is being set up at?

92790. The name of the place in Rajasthan from where the solar eclipse in October 1995was watched is?

92791. The Bailadilla mines are located in?

92792. Gopalpur Beach is located in?

92793. Who was called a 'Man of Destiny'?

92794. Who destroyed one part of his enemy's fleet before breakfast, took his breakfast and then destroyed remaining enemy's fleet?

92795. Who is said to be the world's greatest genius?

92796. The maximum age that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court can remain in office is .........?

92797. Withwhat subject would you associate Prof.P.C.Mahalanobis?

92798. Who was Michaelangelo?

92799. To which country did Dr.Annie Besant belong?

92800. Rembrandt was a world famous?

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