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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2038

101901. Average annual rainfall of Kerala is about:

101902. Marianas Trench is the place of greatest known depth in :

101903. Sunderban Tiger reserve is the national park in :

101904. Honeymoon Island and Breakfast Island are located in:

101905. Smallest country in the world is:

101906. State of Tripura shares a border with:

101907. Which is the single largest mangrove area in the world?

101908. Name of test used to detect urine urobilinogen:

101909. The only sea that has no coast line is

101910. The geological epoch in which Neolithic cultures are found?

101911. The Neanderthals were probably the earliest humans known to?

101912. The earth is .........

101913. The Southernmost tip of India is

101914. Water holding capacity of soil depends on:

101915. Name the test associated with Kirby-Bauer method:

101916. South-West Monsoon season of kerala is:

101917. Which of the following crop is not widely cultivated in Kerala?

101918. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?

101919. Which of the following mountain ranges is the oldest?

101920. Lines drawn parallel to equator are called?

101921. Laterite soils are found in

101922. The climate of India is

101923. Chennai gets less rain than other places from the South-West monsoons because

101924. The State having largest area under waste land is

101925. Hurricanes are also called ________ in Australia.

101926. Which of the following rivers flows from South to North?

101927. The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through

101928. Which of the following are shield volcanoes?

101929. Which mountains are called "Young Mountains":

101930. 'Doldrums' are

101931. The North Magnetic Pole of earth is located at?

101932. The largest Archipelago in the world?

101933. Consider the following statements : 1. The Union Government fixes, the Statutory Minimum Price of sugarcane for each sugar season. 2. Sugar and sugarcane are essential commodities under the Essential Commodities Act. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

101934. In India, during the last decade the total cultivated land for which one of the following crops has remained more or less stagnant ?

101935. Approximate representation of land use classification in India is:

101936. The latitudes that pass through Sikkim also pass through

101937. If there were no Himalayan ranges, what would have been the most likely geographical impact on India ? 1. Much of the country would experience the cold waves from Siberia. 2. Indo-gangetic plain would be devoid of such extensive alluvial soils. 3. The pattern of monsoon would be different from what it is at present. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

101938. What causes wind to deflect toward left in the Southern hemisphere ?

101939. Consider the' following statements : 1. The Taxus tree naturally found in the Himalayas. 2. The Taxus tree is listed in the Red Data Book. 3. A drug called "taxol" is obtained from Taxus tree is effective against Parkinson's disease. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

101940. A geographic region has the following distinct characteristics: 1. Warm and dry climate 2. Mild and wet winter 3. Evergreen oak trees T he above features are the distinct characteristics of which one of the following regions ?

101941. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ? Dam/Lake River (a) Govind Sagar : Satluj (b) Kolleru Lake : Krishna (c) Ukai Reservoir : Tapi (d) Wular Lake : Jhelum

101942. With reference to the river Luni, which one of the following statements is correct ?

101943. Which one of the following is the appropriate reason for considering the Gondwana rocks as most important of rock systems of India ?

101944. Rivers that pass through Himachal Pradesh are

101945. Consider the following statements: 1. On the planet Earth, the fresh water available for use amounts to about less than 1% of the total water found. 2. Of the total fresh water found on the planet Earth 95% is bound up in polar ice caps and glaciers. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

101946. In India, which type of forest among the following occupies the largest area ?

101947. An objective of the National Food Security Mission is to increase the production of certain crops through area expansion and productivity enhancement in a sustainable manner in the identified districts of the country. What are those crops ?

101948. With reference to the mineral resources of India, consider the following pairs : Mineral 90% Natural sources in 1. Copper Jharkhand 2. Nickel Orissa 3. Tungsten Kerala Which of the pairs given above is/are correctly matched ?

101949. Following are the characteristics of an area in India: 1. Hot and humid climate 2. Annual rainfall 200 cm 3. Hill slopes up to an altitude of 1100 metres 4. Annual range of temperature 15C to 30C Which one among the following crops are you most likely to find in the area described above ?

101950. With reference to soil conservation, consider the following practices : 1. Crop rotation 2. Sand fences 3. Terracing 4. Wind breaks Which of the above are considered appropriate methods for soil conservation in India ?

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