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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2044

102201. A suit can be returned under

102202. A civil court has jurisdiction to try all suits of a civil nature unless barred expressly or impliedly U/Sec

102203. The necessary particulars to be contained in a plaint

102204. In the case of inter pleader suit, the plaintiff has

102205. A specific provision under the Indian Penal Code is not these for an attempted crime of

102206. The enabling provision to impose enhanced sentence is

102207. A, being on friendly terms with B, goes to his library in his absence and takes away a book without B's consent with the intention of returning it later.

102208. Which is not a chief element of theft

102209. A threatens to publish a defamatory matter concerning B and induces him to give him money. A has committed

102210. In the case of Inter-pleader suit the real dispute is between

102211. A priest solemnizes an illegal marriage

102212. The word 'offence' under the Indian Penal Code means

102213. What is the legal effect when a husband has sexual intercourse with his wife under fifteen years of age

102214. On the date of hearing of the case, if the defendant fails to appear, the court will pass

102215. For a claim of legal set off

102216. In the written statement

102217. Mere preparation for community crime is made punishable for

102218. Inchoate Crime means

102219. Which article of the Constitution of India lays down that every High Court shall be a court of record

102220. Once the proclamation of National Emergency is made the right to move the Supreme Court for enforcement of his Fundamental Right is suspended by the

102221. Match the List I with List II correctly and select your answer using the codes given below : List I List II a) Universal donee 1) Section-122 b) Gift 2)Section-126 c) Onerous gift 3)Section-128 d) Revocation of gift 4)Section-127

102222. Right to education up to the age of 14 years is a fundamental right that has been laid down in the judgement of

102223. The transfer in a lease is

102224. The President of India can be removed from his office by

102225. When the President is satisfied that the financial credit of Government of India is threatened, he / she may

102226. Which mortgage must be registered even if the principal money secured in less than Rs. 100

102227. Disputes between States in India can be heard by the Supreme Court under

102228. A contract for the sale of immovable property under the Transfer of Property Act

102229. Optional registration of lease of immovable property under the Transfer of Property Act is

102230. A lease of immovable property which can be made only by registered instrument under the Transfer of Property Act is

102231. After which one of the following case, Supreme Court decision relating to the special provisions socially educationally backward classes was introduced by an amendment of the Constitution

102232. The executive power of the Union Government is vested with the President of India. He exercises these powers

102233. The total number of sections dealing sale under the Transfer of Property Act is

102234. "The Vice-President of India shall be Ex-officio Chairman of the Council of States and shall not hold only other office of profit". This has been stated in article

102235. One among the following in a sale is not correct under the Transfer of Property Act

102236. The text of the preamble of the Constitution of India aims to secure to all its citizens

102237. The Executive power of the Union Government is vested with the

102238. Which is not a "State" for the purpose of Article 12 of the Constitution

102239. Through which provisions, the Indian Constitution explicitly prohibits racial discrimination in India

102240. A case of dispute in the presidential election is referred to the

102241. Write of Mandumus means

102242. Right to Complusory Education was inserted by

102243. The total number of 'Thirukkural Couplets' are

102244. What is 'The greatest folly' according to Thirukkural

102245. Avidya is

102246. The term of designate the inseparability of World, Soul and God is

102247. The teachings of Buddha are called

102248. The conception of soul in Jainism is

102249. Vedic mantras particularly emphasis

102250. Who is the preceptor of Bhagavadgita

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