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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2179

108951. Who invented the integrated circuit

108952. Investigation of a joint stock company is

108953. The audit which involves the examination of cost accounts and also the costing systems and techniques called

108954. The particular Audit compulsory under any statute or act is called

108955. Auditing is an examination of the books, accounts and vouchers of a business and enable the auditor to satisfy on his responsibility - Definition given by

108956. Who will fix the interest rate for debentures

108957. The process of comparing the entries in the books of accounts with the bonafide vouchers is called

108958. The term Investigation implies an examination of the accounts of a business for

108959. The Audit report must have the signature of

108960. The combination of two or more auditors or firms of Chartered Accountants undertaking the audit is called

108961. Which one of the following is a right of a proxy

108962. The following information is more appropriate for calculating inventory ratio

108963. Debt equity ratio is a

108964. Capital employed means

108965. "Company's dividend policy is irrelevant and does not affect the shareholder's wealth"................. whose theory is based on this

108966. To get fixed return with minimum risk one should purchase

108967. Cost of capital depends upon

108968. An individual's time preference for money can be attributed to

108969. The process of calculating future values of cash flows is called

108970. Greater the size of business unit, the requirements of working capital will be

108971. Cost already incurred for financing a particular project is

108972. The main objective of an enterprise is

108973. Wage sheet is prepared by ............. department

108974. Research and development cost is an example of

108975. Warehouse expenses is an example of ............

108976. Electricity generating company should use .......... costing

108977. Issue of bonus shares out of reserves ............. working capital

108978. Cash flows include

108979. The ideal current ratio is

108980. The excess of actual sales over break even sales is termed as

108981. Break Even Point is a point at which

108982. ഇന്ത്യയിൽ ആദ്യമായി പോലീസ് സമ്പ്രദായം കൊണ്ടുവന്ന ഗവർണ്ണർ ജനറൽ? [Inthyayil aadyamaayi poleesu sampradaayam konduvanna gavarnnar janaral?]

108983. The main purpose of cost accounting is to

108984. When the hire purchaser makes default in paying the instalment the hire vendor has

108985. In how many methods the departmental transactions are recorded

108986. Under straight line method, the amount of depreciation is

108987. A provision refers to a ........ reserve.

108988. Selling expenses should be divided among the different department on the basis of

108989. Under stock and debtors system in branch accounts the credit sales are

108990. In the books of Hire purchaser, depreciation is charged on

108991. A and B share in the ratio of 3:2. C is admitted as a partner and given 1/5th share. The ratio of sacrifice will be

108992. A and B share profit in the ratio 3:2. They admit C, 1/5th share from A, then new profit sharing ratio will be

108993. P,Q,R and S were partners sharing profits in the ratio of 5:4:3:1. Q and R retire from the firm. The new ratio is

108994. Income of a newly setup business from 1st November 2015 to 31.3.2016 is assessable in the Assessment Year

108995. Dearness allownce is taxable incase of

108996. Valuation of Goods under the Customs Act is dealt under

108997. Due date for filling returns by a "non business assessee" is

108998. Tax rebate for senior citizen is available to an assessee who has attained the age of .............. years.

108999. Deduction allowed Income Tax U/S 80D shall be

109000. Sales Tax Act was passed in Tamil Nadu in the year

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