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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2290

114501. രണ്ടു വാക്കുകളുടെയും അർത്ഥവ്യത്യാസം വ്യക്തമാക്കും വിധം മലയാളത്തിലാക്കുക. decease-disease [Randu vaakkukaludeyum arththavyathyaasam vyakthamaakkum vidham malayaalatthilaakkuka. Decease-disease]

114502. 'വിഷമിക്കുക' എന്ന അർത്ഥത്തിൽ പറയുന്ന പഴഞ്ചൊല്ലേത്? ['vishamikkuka' enna arththatthil parayunna pazhancholleth?]

114503. വാക്യത്തിൽ പ്രയോഗിക്കുക -' ഘടദീപം' [Vaakyatthil prayogikkuka -' ghadadeepam']

114504. ശരിയായ വാക്യം തെരഞ്ഞെടുക്കുക [Shariyaaya vaakyam theranjedukkuka]

114505. സംഘടനം എന്ന പദത്തിന്റെ വിപരീതം [Samghadanam enna padatthinte vipareetham]

114506. The dispute among the countries are not solved-ഇതിന്റെ തർജ്ജമ [The dispute among the countries are not solved-ithinte tharjjama]

114507. A serious problem that has started to plague us recently is the changing value system in our society.ഇതിന്റെ തർജ്ജമ [A serious problem that has started to plague us recently is the changing value system in our society. Ithinte tharjjama]

114508. ചട്ടപ്പടി എന്ന പദം [Chattappadi enna padam]

114509. ശുദ്ധമായ പ്രയോഗം തിരഞ്ഞെടുക്കുക. [Shuddhamaaya prayogam thiranjedukkuka.]

114510. പ്രേഷണം എന്ന പദത്തിന്റെ അർഥം ? [Preshanam enna padatthinte artham ?]

114511. ശരിയായ പ്രയോഗം ഏത്? [Shariyaaya prayogam eth?]

114512. No further action is called for-ഈ വാക്യത്തിന്റെ പരിഭാഷ : [No further action is called for-ee vaakyatthinte paribhaasha :]

114513. Pick the correct malayalam translation : "We eat in order that we may live"

114514. Identify the missing Alphabet, B F JP?

114515. During the Sepoy Mutiny, the queen who fought against the British was

114516. Which Veda is partly a prose work?

114517. The first organized revolt against British authority in India.

114518. The first sepoy who refused to use the greased catridge and killed Adjutant was :

114519. Mesopotamia the Greek word means :

114520. Brown Shirts was a :

114521. The birth place of 24th Thirthankara

114522. Gavisti a term related to :

114523. The King who abolished Pulappedi:

114524. The year of Colachel battle :

114525. Market Regulations was introduced by :

114526. Founder of Alappuzha city :

114527. Jamabandi Reforms were the reforms of :

114528. Garbhagriha, the most important part of some of the earliest Hindu temples, was

114529. In Hindu mythology, whose devotee was Prahlada

114530. Avanti Sundari

114531. Borobudur is the site of

114532. The 'Dashkumaracharita' or theTales of ten princes was composed by

114533. In ancient India 'yaudheyas' were

114534. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using codes below A)Shashanka 1.Assam B)Kharavela 2.Maharashtra C)Simuka 3.Orissa D)Bhaskara Varma 4.Bengal A B C D

114535. Patanjali was

114536. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct naswer using codes A)Somadeva 1.Malavigagnimitra B)Kalidasa 2.Kathasaritsagara C)Bhasa 3.Chaurapanchasika D)Bilhana 4.Swapnavasavadatta A B C D

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