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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2295

114751. Buddhacharita, the epic biography of Gautama Buddha in Sanskrit was written by__:

114752. The last ruler of the Mauryan Dynasty, who was assassinated by Pushyamitra Sunga, his commander-in-chief was __ ?

114753. Who among the following Kushan Emperors was the first to introduce the gold coinage in India?

114754. Rajatarangini, a book that generally recorded the heritage of Kashmir in the 12th Century, was written by__:

114755. Which among the following can best define the Neolithic Revolution ?

114756. Which of the following Harappan towns is divided into three parts ?

114757. Which of the following is the most common motif of the Indus Seals ?

114758. Robert Bruce Foote, who discovered first Palaeolithic tools in India, was originally ___?

114759. Which among the following places has given the earliest evidence of agriculture in Indian Subcontinent?

114760. Which of the following was not a diety of the Harappans?

114761. With which among the following Vedas, the Shatapatha Brahmana is related to___?

114762. King Ashvapati of the Upanishadic Age was the ruler of which among the following Kingdoms?

114763. That the homeland of the Aryans was Arctic Region, was propounded by ___?

114764. Who was the priest of the Bharatas in the battle of Ten Kings ?

114765. Which among the following is an extant Shaka of the Rigveda Samhita?

114766. Which of the following Upanishads is written in prose ?

114767. With which among the following places, the twenty third Jain Tirthankara was associated?

114768. Who among the following laid down for punishment for a person becoming mendicant without making adequate provision for dependent wife and children?

114769. Which walls are not subjected to the action of load of the structure directly?

114770. The Mahasamghika School arose at which among the following places?

114771. The rulers of which among the following dynasties adopted the title Devaputra ?

114772. Rulers of which of the following dynasties maintained diplomatic relations with distant countries such as Syria in the West ?

114773. Who identified “Sandrokottus” of the Greco-Roman literature with Chandragupta Maurya ?

114774. The beneficiaries of Asoka’s donations in the region of Barabar Hill were__?

114775. In which of the following inscriptions Ashoka made his famous declaration, “All men are my children”?

114776. Who among the following is known to have performed four Asvamedha sacrifices ?

114777. Who among the following was the ruler of Kanchi during the time of Samudragupta ?

114778. Which one of the following places was a mint centre of the Yaudheyas ?

114779. Who among the following was the first Satavahana King to introduce the Ruler’s head on the coins ?

114780. Garuda was adopted as dynastic emblem after the imperial Guptas by ___?

114781. The title “Paramasaugata” was adopted by ___?

114782. Parnadatta was appointed the Provincial Governor of Saurashtra by __?

114783. The rulers of which among the following dynasties called themselves “Brahma-Kshatriay” ?

114784. Which among the following two dynasties of the Northern India confronted with the Rashtrakutas?

114785. A piece of sawn timber the dimensions of which does not exceed 5 cm either in breadth or in thickness is called:

114786. Which among the following village was the site of the Vikramshila Mahavihara, the renowned educational centre of Pala period?

114787. The Aryans dedicated whole of a separate Mandala in Rig-Veda for the hymns dedicated to __?

114788. The Boghazkoi inscription was discovered in __?

114789. Workability of a concretet can be improved by addition of:

114790. What is generally used to measure the depth of excavation of foundation?

114791. The last Mauryan ruler, who was killed by his Commander-in-Chief was __?

114792. The cotton cloth worn by Indians had a brighter white colour than any cotton found elsewhere. This view was recorded by __?

114793. Granolithic concrete is composed of------

114794. One of the writers of the Dharmashashtra disapproved the practice of Sati declaring it as an act of suicide. Identify him from the given options:

114795. Metronymics were borne by the later rulers of which among the following dynasties?

114796. For which among the following offenses, Manu recommended higher punishment to Brahamans than the persons of other varnas?

114797. Which of the following Chola kings was the first to capture Maldives?

114798. The minister of the Gahadvala King Govindachandra and author of Kalpadruma was __?

114799. The inscriptions of Ashoka and the Brahmi script were deciphered by ___?

114800. The earliest evidence of rice cultivation comes from which among the following valleys?

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