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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2526

126301. Ability of a material to absorb energy within the elastic range:

126302. A cantilever beam fixed at left end carries a udl w/unit length over the left half portion and a point load W at the free enIf L is the length of the beam,the bending moment at fixed end is:

126303. A beam ABC,is simply supported at A and B and BC is overhanging.AB=L and BC=L/2 and it carries a point load P at The deflection at C is:

126304. The poisson’s ratio of a material is 3 and Young’s modulus is 200 GPIts Rigidity Modulus is:

126305. Bending moment M and torque T are applied on a solid circular shaft.If the maximum bending stress is equal to the maximum shear stress developed,M is equal to:

126306. Surface tension is caused by a force of at the free surface

126307. Find the height of a mountain if pressure measured at its base and top are 74 cm and 60 cm of mercury respectively.Specific weight of air is 97 N/m3:

126308. A stable submerged body has:

126309. Poise is the unit of:

126310. The velocity distribution at any section of a pipe for steady laminar flow is:

126311. In flow through pipe,the efficiency of transmission under conditions of maximum power transmission is:

126312. A rectangular channel will be most economical when the flow depth and bottom width are in the ratio

126313. Water flow in large sized pipes for large flow rates can be measured using:

126314. An inward flow reaction turbine:

126315. The amount of moisture present in the air expressed as mass per unit volume is:

126316. The salt concentration in irrigation water is generally measured by:

126317. Optimum depth of kor watering for rice is:

126318. The crop period of a crop is 120 days.It requires 10 cm depth of water at every 10 days.Its delta is:

126319. The water which cannot be extracted by the plants from the soil is called:

126320. The canal which is not supposed to do any irrigation is called:

126321. The geological formation which contains and readily yields water to tube wells:

126322. Type of cross-------drainage work where canal is passed below the dranage is:

126323. A reservoir which retains excess supplies during periods of peak flows and release them gradually during low flows:

126324. A plot of cumulative rain versus time is called:

126325. Example of subsurface source of water:

126326. The standard unit of turbidity of water is that which is produced by 1 mg of-------------dissolved in one litre of distilled water.

126327. A compound that imparts temporary hardness to water:

126328. Which of the following is incorrect regarding a slow sand filter:

126329. A method of disinfection of drinking water:

126330. BOD of effluent from secondary biological treatment of sewage is:

126331. During sludge digestion:

126332. The disposal method in which solid waste is heated in an oxygen free atmosphere and reduced to gseous,liquid and solid fractions:

126333. The best system of plumbing of drainage work in building is:

126334. Water content of soil is 15,Degree of saturation 70%,void ratio is 61,then specific gravity is:

126335. The numerical difference between liquid limit and plastic limit is :

126336. The volumetric strain per unit increase in effective stress of soil is defined as:

126337. Failure of a finite slope along a surface that intersects the slope above the toe:

126338. The height to diameter ratio of cylindrical specimen for uniaxial compression test of concrete is:

126339. Which of the following is a measure of dynamic modulus of elasticity of concrete?

126340. The partial safety factor for strength of concrete for service ability limit state is:

126341. When reinforcement bars placed short of their required length need to be extended,we use:

126342. The ultimate moment of resistance by LSM for a beam with b=300 mm,d=550 mm,M20 concrete,reinforced with 4-25 mm dia Fe250 bars:

126343. The minimum area of tension reinforcement required in a rectangular beam section 200 mm cr 400 mm if Fe415 steel is used at 25 mm effective cover:

126344. Effective span of a simply supported beam is:

126345. Minimum grade of concrete for pre tensioned prestressed concrete:

126346. Minimum reinforcement required in either direction in slabs reinforced with high strength deformed bars is:

126347. Structural steel of grade Fe410 A has ultimate tensile strength of:

126348. The diameter of bolt hole for a bolt of nominal size 12 mm is:

126349. Common hot rolled steel axial compression members fail by:

126350. As per Indian Standards,the maximum bearing pressure at the column base should not exceed the bearing strength equal to:

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