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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2537

126851. Trade dispute does not mean any dispute:

126852. The trade union is registered by registrar of trade unions under the trade unions Act,Section:

126853. A registered union shall at all times continue to have not less than 10% or 100 of the workmen,whichever is less subject to a minimum of:

126854. Section 17 of the trade unions act 1926 confers immunity from liability of a trade union office bearer or member under

126855. HV Conolly was murdered at:

126856. Rourkela Steel plant was set up with the assistance of:

126857. Guruvayur Satyagraha was started on:

126858. Who among the following reformers believed in the yoga system of philosophy?

126859. Kerala Congress Socialist Party was formed at:

126860. Morazha incident is associated with:

126861. Judicial review is the power of:

126862. Family courts were set up in the country in the year:

126863. The idea of concurren list is taken from the constitution of:

126864. Eighty-Fourth Amendment of Indian Constitution was related with:

126865. Malabar District Congress Committee was formed in the year

126866. The Newspaper Al-Amin was started under the editorship of:

126867. The All Kerala Congress provincial conference 1931 was held at:

126868. Who was the first president of Ali Malabar Karshaka Sangham?

126869. Who was associated with the formation of the Kerala unit of the Kissan Mazdur Praja Party?

126870. Who among the following personalities was born at the earliest?

126871. The Malabar District Gazetteer was compiled by:

126872. Article 315 of Indian Constitution is associated with:

126873. The French President the chief guest of 2016 Indian Republic Day celebration was first arrived at:

126874. The British company formed a separate police force called’Kolkars’to deal with:

126875. If N is the fan speed ,then power of a fan is directly proportional to:

126876. For rectangular ducts,the aspect ratio is equal to:

126877. The alignment circle is marked on the psychrometric chart at:

126878. When the temperature of the surroundings is higher than the temperature of the body,then the heat loss by convection from the body to the surroundings will be:

126879. The pressure in a capaillary tube decreases due to:

126880. The Freon group of refrigerants are:

126881. In electronlux refrigerator:

126882. A boot-strap air cooling system has:

126883. The subcooling is a process of cooling the refrigerant in vapour compression refrigeration system:

126884. Which of the following constituents of steel is softest and least strong?

126885. Which hardness method can be used to measure hardness of a single grain?

126886. The higher temperature of tempering:

126887. A key technique in the development of creative alternatives is the use of:

126888. Reliability can be considered as:

126889. Give suitable prepositions: You are prevented ......... entering the class .?

126890. Most of the large scale modem industry using automation adopt

126891. If the demand for an item is doubled and the ordering cost halved,the economic order quantity

126892. Unity of command is violated under------------organization

126893. A device used for lifting or lowering objects suspended from a hook at the end of retractable chains or cables is called:

126894. Bin cards are used in keeping record of:

126895. Simple harmonic motion

126896. Routing decides

126897. The moment of inertia of an area is always least with respect to:

126898. All of the following statements are correct,except

126899. The standard length in a sine bar is measured:

126900. One atmospheric pressure is not equivalent to:

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