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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2543

127151. The crops are dying, it must .........rained.?

127152. Which is the official residence of French President?

127153. The first genertaion computers had?

127154. Who is the constitutional head of India?

127155. Barabar caves were used for shelter by?

127156. Which tree is used to make ship?

127157. Which of the following is used in making smoke bombs?

127158. Corrosion of a metal occurs?

127159. Pick out the most effective word from the choices: If the work men had not been tired, they ......... the work.?

127160. The exclusive monopoly right granted by the govt. for a new invention to an inventor is known as?

127161. The civil war which raged from 1861 to 1865 in America ended?

127162. Joseph bought a TV set for Rs 12,000 and later sold it suffering a loss of 15%. If so, at what price had he sold the TV set?

127163. Fill up the blanks using suitable choice: Father shall return ......... an hour.?

127164. Transistors are associate with which computer system?

127165. Ibn- Batutah visited India during the reign of Sultan?

127166. PVC is obtained by the polymerisation of?

127167. Replace the phrase underlined: He worked upon the ignorant villagers by his talent and worth.?

127168. The battle field of Plassey is situated in?

127169. The first battle of Panipat was fought in the year?

127170. Who has the authority to prescribe residence with in a State or Union Territory as a necessary qualification for certain classes of employment under the State or Union Territory?

127171. Who among the following persons was called’Kerala Lincoln’?

127172. Who is considered as the ‘Guru of both Sree Narayana Guru and Chattambi Swamikal?

127173. The first Indian Film:

127174. Which Central Security Force is known as Black Cats?

127175. Kunhikannan was the former name of one among the following reformers:

127176. Which among the following is a work by Brahmananda Sivayogi?

127177. The Magazine ‘Sadhujanadoothan’was started by----------------

127178. Who was the founder of the famous Newspaper ‘Swadesabhimani’?

127179. The Corridor that connects peninsular India with the North Eastern States of India:

127180. To protest which among the following did Gandhiji start ‘Satyagraha’in 1919?

127181. The play ‘Neel darpan’is associated with--------------

127182. Which among the following is a federal feature of the Government?

127183. The Indian River with fastest water current:

127184. Who has won the most number of Olympic Golds so far?

127185. The Supreme Court of India cancelled one among the following sections of the IT Act in 2015:

127186. Who is the first Indian woman to win an Oscar Award?

127187. The famous Bengali writer and Janpeeth winner who passed away in July 2016:

127188. Who is known as the singer of ‘Brahmaptura’?

127189. The Heart of India:

127190. The Southmost end point of India in the Arabian Sea:

127191. Total Matras of Tsirajati Druda Talam:

127192. Pick up the Pakhavaj player from the following:

127193. Tavil belongs to:

127194. A Tala with 18 Aksharakala:

127195. Which of the following instruments falls under the category of ‘Sushira Vadya’?

127196. The total numbe of Talas based on the Jaati-Gati bheda in Carnatic Tala System:

127197. Second layer of the Valamthala of Mridangam:

127198. Number of Pranas in Tala:

127199. The smallest unit of Tala:

127200. Pick up odd one out:

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