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12751. Dislocation in materials is a ----------defect

12752. For transmission of maximum power the maximum tension in the belt should be

12753. A worm gearing is used to obtain speed reduction between shafts whose axes are

12754. A 50 mm diameter rod is to be turned on a lathe at a cutting speed of 30 m/minute.The required spindle speed in rpm should be approximately

12755. Right to equal opportunity for justice and free legal aid was added to Directive Principles through ..... amendment.

12756. The swaying couple in locomotives has maximum or minimum value when the angle of inclination of crank with the line of stroke.

12757. At a particular rotational speed the unbalanced force due to revolving mass

12758. The static deflection of a shaft under a fly wheel is 1mm.What is the critical speed in rad/s.if g=10 m/s^(2)’

12759. For a shaft fixed at one end and carrying a rotor at the free end the nodal point will lie at

12760. For a small change of speed,if the displacement of the sleeve is high,then the governor

12761. Dryness fraction is the ratio of

12762. The function of a steam trap is

12763. For a thin cylinder subjected to internal pressure the ratio of circumferential and longitudinal stresses are in the ratio

12764. In a gas turbine the function of regenerator is

12765. The air screw of an airplane is rotating clockwise when looking from the front.If it makes a left turn the gyroscopic effect will be

12766. For forced convection Nusselt number is a function of

12767. If the mean velocity of water is V,R be hydraulic mean depth,p and Meu be density and viscosity of water then Reynold number ‘(R_(e))’ is defined as

12768. Find the area of rapid sand filters required for a town having a population of 80000 with an average rate of demand as 200 litres per head per day.Assume a rate of filtration as 5000 litres per hour pen’m^(2)’of filter are

12769. Two plates of 16 mm and 14 mm are joined by fillet.What should be the size of fillet weld to be used?

12770. The relation between modulus of Elasticity(E)and modulus of rigidity(N)and bulk modulus(K)is given by the relation

12771. Due to negative skin friction on a pile,the load carrying capacity of the pile

12772. Find the discharge through a rectangular channel of width 2m,having a bed slope of 4 in The depth of flow is 5 m and take the value of N in Manning’s formula as 012

12773. Most weather phenomena occur in the

12774. The diameter of a rivet connecting plate of thickness 15 mm given by Unwin’s formula is

12775. Elongation produced in a bar of density p,length l and Young’s modulus E due to its self-weight

12776. N value for medium sand lies between

12777. Beams of uniform strength can be made by varying the cross sectional dimension in such a way that

12778. The minimum specific energy ‘(E_(min))’is related to critical depth’(h_(c))’for open channel flow as’’

12779. The relation between porosity(n)specific yield’(S_(y))’and specific retention’(S_(r))’ is correctly given in the relationship.’’

12780. Initial setting time’(T_(1))and final setting time’(T_(2))’for ordinary Portland Cement is given by the relation

12781. The temperature strain in a steel rod is -----------proportional to the change in temperature

12782. In measuring horizontal angles,the error due to imperfect leveling of the plate bubble is

12783. A cantilever 5 m long carries a uniformly distributed load over the entire length.Find the deflection at the free end if the slope at the free end is’5^(@)’

12784. The heights of water on the upstream and downstream side of a submerged weir of 3m length are 20 cm and 10 cm respectively.If’C_(d)’for free and drowned portions are 6 and 8 respectively,find the discharge over the weir.

12785. Activated sludge is

12786. The maximum area of tension reinforcement in a beam having cross sectional area as’bd’shall not exceed

12787. A circular rod 2 m long tapers from 20 mm diameter at one end to 10 mm diameter at the other On applying an axial pull of 6kN,it was found to extend by 068 mm.Find the Young’s modulus of the material of the rod

12788. In establishing the line of sight which of the following statement is not correct?

12789. Equation of flexture is given as

12790. A cut in the frame of a door to receive the shutter,is called

12791. Lap length in compression reinforcement should not be less than-------------times the diameter of the bar.

12792. Moment of inertia of a quadrant circle of radius R about its XX axis is given by

12793. The point of contra-flexture is also called as

12794. Pitot tube is used to measure

12795. Between Biochemical Oxygen Demand(BOD)and Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD)

12796. Select the option, which is the logical equivalent of the statement given below– If my umbrella is up, then it is raining.

12797. Half life for a general ‘n^(th)’order reaction is

12798. After 8 minutes in a batch reactor,’C_(A0)=1mol/I’and conversion is 80%.After 18 minutes,the conversion is 90%.Then the rate equation is

12799. A first order reversible reaction A-><-rR is carried out in an ideal plug flow reactor.The design equation is given by:

12800. The rate determining step of Michaelis Menten kinetics is

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