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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 266

13301. What is called as the “Roof of the World”?

13302. The illustrious names of Aryabhatta and Varahamihir are associated with the age of the

13303. Who generally acknowledged as the pioneer of local self government in modern India?

13304. Which Article of the Constitution of India abolishes untouchability and forbids its practice in any form?

13305. The idea of Pakistan was first conceived by

13306. Which of the following countries has introduced “Direct Democracy”?

13307. Inflation occurs when aggregate supply is

13308. Which State has the lowest per capita income in India?

13309. In the budget figures of the Government of India, fiscal deficit is

13310. The eighth Joint Economic Group dialogue between China and India was held in January 2010 in Beijing, China after a gap of

13311. According to the recently released World Bank Report, the Chinese economy grew by the close of fourth quarter of 2009 at the rate of

13312. As per the quality of life Index 2010, which was released worldwide in January 2010, the united States occupies the

13313. The India-France deal for civil nuclear corporation, which came into force in January 2010, had been signed between the two countries in

13314. Wodeyars were the ruler of

13315. “Black Pagoda” is in

13316. The meeting of the Rajya Sabha are presided over by the

13317. Lunar eclipse occurs on

13318. Which of the following crops helps in nitrogen fixation?

13319. Detroit in the U. S. A. is known as the city of

13320. The term “Fourth Estate” refers to

13321. SAIL’s plant in Karnataka is situated at

13322. At which of the following place Rajiv Gandhi died of human bomb explosion?

13323. Who is not the Speaker of the Lok Sabha ever?

13324. The Governor General associated with the abolition of slavery was

13325. The name of India’s first carrier is

13326. The general direct flow of summer monsoon in India is -

13327. World No-Tobacco Day is observed on -

13328. Which one of the following ecosystems covers the largest area of the earth’s surface?

13329. With which game is the Double Fault associated?

13330. Where is the oldest oil refinery in India located?

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