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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2706

135301. MCCB stands for:

135302. For a given line current and line voltage the power taken by the delta connected load is--------the power taken by the star connectd load

135303. The series type Ohm meter will have zero reading at the:

135304. To charge a secondary cell,the system used is:

135305. The approximate full load current of a 3 phase delta connected 3 HP motor is:

135306. The total opposition offered by an C circuit is called:

135307. Which one of the following fire extinguish is suitable for electrical fire?

135308. The least count of steel rule is:

135309. Rawl plug tool and bit is used for:

135310. In an atom the number of proton is:

135311. The flow of electrons is called:

135312. One of the prominent families among the Church Mission Society missionaries in Central Travancore was:

135313. Name the Titles received by K.P.Karuppan,famous social reformer and poet of Kerala,from Valiya Tampuran of Cochin?

135314. One of the early detective novels in Kerala titles “Kaalante Kolayara”was written by:

135315. Who was the first editor of “Samadarsi”?

135316. ”Ente Vazhithirivu”is the autobiography of:

135317. ”Vaala samudaya parishkarana sabha”was formed in the year:

135318. Who among the following women activists of Kerala took part in the general strike,led by Tiruvitamkur Coir Factory Workers Union(TCFWU)at Alappuzha in 1938?

135319. What event occurred in 20th August 1921 that became the prime catalyst of Malabar Rebellion?

135320. Name the magazine that founded and edited by Anna Chandi for promoting the cause of women’s rights?

135321. Who authored the book “Vaikom Satyagraha and Gandhiji”?

135322. The Sutlej-Yamuna Link Canal(Syi)controversy is associated with the states between:

135323. Sadiq Khan,who had been a historic Win while he elected as London’s first etnic-minority Mayor in the 2016 elections,represents which Political Party?

135324. Kuramadera Buddhist Temple is located in:

135325. What is Catoptrophobia?

135326. Expand VVPAT

135327. The Constituent Assembly of India began its Third Session on:

135328. Which Article of Indian Constitution mentions about the State responsibility to promote educational and economic interests of the tribal people?

135329. Which social reformer of Kerala started an Agricultural Bank namely “Uralunkal Aikyananya Sangham”?

135330. In which year the ‘second ezhava memorial’was presented by the leaders of Ezzhava community before Lord Curzon,then the Viceroy of India,during his visit to Thiruvanathapuram?

135331. The active participation of which struggle in modern Kerala History gave G.Parameswarn Pillai the epithet of “Gather of Political movements in modern Travancore?”

135332. Firefox,Opera,Chrome,Safari and Explorer are types of what?

135333. World Computer Security Day:

135334. Along with whom did Bill Gates found Mircrosoft?

135335. The Gateway Internet Access Service(GIAS)of India is situated in:

135336. A type of memory chip whose contents can be quickly changed by the computer at any time is called:

135337. Which of the following has decided to dins Satya Elementary schools from underprivileged children in rural India?

135338. Which of the following is not a type of Database Management System?

135339. In what manner coding and testing are done?

135340. The variables which can be accessed by all modules in a program are known as?

135341. The number of functional keys in a keyboard:

135342. In decimal system the base or radix is:

135343. Which logic gate is similar to the function of two parallel switches?

135344. Which of the following is the ascending order of data hierarchy?

135345. Fork is a:

135346. The time required for fetching and execution of one simple machine instruction is:

135347. Types of validation testing is:

135348. Example of SDI Application:

135349. Toolbar displays:

135350. Data warehouse are intended as:

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