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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 275

13751. 22.'The man who knew infinity' is the biography of

13752. Who has authored the book A Brief History of Time?

13753. The book ’Living with Honour’ is written by

13754. The book ’Cricket My Style’ is written by

13755. 34.The oldest of the vedic literature is

13756. Who is the author of the book 'Jyoti Punj'?

13757. Which Indian State won the Syed Mushtaq Ali T-20 cricket trophy?

13758. Name the country that become 161th member of World Trade Oraganisation.

13759. Which International Cricket Council President resigned after Cricket world cup 2015?

13760. Which armed force launched the nation-wide Tele-medicine programme for the troops on April 14th 2015?

13761. International Children Book day is observed on

13762. Name the President of Afghanistan on 3 -day visit to india ?

13763. Name the Telugu Cinema chreographer died in Nepal

13764. 5th meetings of SAARC Health ministers to be hosted in which city?

13765. Raja Rajeshwari became the first Indian American criminal court judge in _____ city.

13766. National Safe Motherhood Day is being observed on ______.

13767. Mohan Kumar was appointed as the new Indian ambassador to which country?

13768. RBI Celebrates its ________ Anniversary which was established on

13769. Which country won the 24th edition of Sultan Azlan Shah HockeyTournament 2015?

13770. Which country was the ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) World Cup conducted?

13771. Guenter Grass was ______ Nobel Laureate Novelist, who passed away on April 12th

13772. Who won the Malaysian Grand Prix 2015?

13773. Who has selected as new president of Nigeria?

13774. Who was re-elected the president of WFI (Wrestling Federation of India)?

13775. April 7th is celebrated as

13776. Who was appointed as the Director of the ISRO Satellite center?

13777. Two lines are intersect in a point. How many angles are formed?

13778. How many edges are in a square pyramid?

13779. A solid body with length, breadth and height are equal, what is its name?

13780. 6, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 2 What is its Arithmetic Mean?

13781. What is the total surface area of a sphere with its radius 5 cm?

13782. What is sin 45°?

13783. In a parallelogram one side is 15 cm and distance from this side to its opposite side is 9 cm, what is its area?

13784. The trigonometric term ‘Tangent’ is originate from

13785. An equilateral triangle with one side 8 cm. What is the radius of its incircle?

13786. In a right angled triangle, small sides are 5 cm; 5 cm; what is its hypotenuse?

13787. Which major port in India is known as ”Offspring of Partition”?

13788. On which river in India does the Dhuan Dhar waterfall situate?

13789. Which soil in India is known as ‘Self-Ploughing Soil’?

13790. Which among the following personality called Bharathappuzha ”Sokanasini”?

13791. The only Malayalee who was one among the eight personalities who prepared the ”Bombay Plan”?

13792. At which of the following central jail, Bhagat Singh was hanged to death?

13793. Who among the following organized the Ganapathi and Shivaji festivals to awaken mass consciousness?

13794. Who is known as ”India’s Unofficial Ambassador to England”?

13795. The Women Unit of Indian National Army (INA) was

13796. The partition of Bengal was in the year

13797. Who was the author of ”Jaathikkummi”?

13798. Who was the founder of ”God’s Church of Visible Salvation”?

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