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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2786

139301. Which country will host the next meet of CHOGM(Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet)in 2013?

139302. Chiropterophily means:

139303. Which one of following is called the primary pace maker of the heart?

139304. When granite rocks get metamorphosed,they change into:

139305. Which one among the following is a solid lubricant?

139306. Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education(LNIPE)is in:

139307. The concept of ‘Carbon credit’originated from:

139308. Which Amendment of the Constitution deals with Political defections?

139309. Which schedule of the Indian Constitution prescribes distribution of seats in Rajya Sabha?

139310. Who said in the Constituent Assembly that the Directive Principles of the State Policy are like a ‘Cheque on a bank payable at the convenience of the bank’?

139311. Longest cell in human body is:

139312. Which of the following is associated with Panchayati Raj?

139313. The acid rain destroys the vegetation because it contains:

139314. Activated sludge treatment is called:

139315. Amuktamalyada is the work of:

139316. Caustic soda is:

139317. Red light is used in traffic signal for stopping the traffic because:

139318. Programs which protect a disk from an infection are called as:

139319. Which one of the following is a raw material oriented industry?

139320. The greatest danger of hyperkalemia is:

139321. Which statement is false regarding Japanese encephalitis?

139322. While caring a patient after pneumonectomy,which is the most applicable one?

139323. Actions which halts the progress of a disease at its initial stage,management and prevention of complication is termed as:

139324. Constant presence of an infectious agent or disease within a given geographic area is called:

139325. While caring a new born baby with high bilirubin,with signs of impending kernicterus,nurses primary observation should be for:

139326. Which of the following symptoms are expected in complete heart block?

139327. Which of the following condition in pregnancy most likely can cause abruption placenta?

139328. Inactivated polio vaccine is otherwise known as:

139329. Primary ECG change that indicates myocardial ischemia is:

139330. Which of the following observation is suggestive of acute gall bladder disease?

139331. The most prominent features in Catatonic-Schizophrenia are:

139332. Highly malignant,rapidly growing tomour of cerebellum seen in children is:

139333. National Mental Health policy was formulated in the year:

139334. Primary goal in the nursing management of cervical spine injury will be:

139335. Which one of the following can precipitate an acute gouty arthritis?

139336. The route of administration of Schick test is:

139337. Which of the following symptom after Abdominal-aortic aneurysm indicate retroperitoneal-haemorrhage?

139338. Colostrum contains all the following except:

139339. Abnormal opening at the top of atrial septum having increased association with partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection is:

139340. Which are the vaccines that must be stored in freezer compartment?

139341. Physiological jaundice in new born usually appear during:

139342. Symptomatic hyponatremia is managed by IV administration of:

139343. Which vitamin deficiency is common in association with INH therapy in tuberculosis?

139344. Which of the following is not a vaccine preventable disease?

139345. Among the following congenitat heart disease,which one is Cyanotic?

139346. ’Flag sign’ is a non specific,but usual feature in:

139347. Vagolytic agents are given before general anaesthesia in major surgery .Most commonly used vagolytic agent is:

139348. Normal CSF pressure is:

139349. Which of the following is not the classic Cushing’s triad changes in increased ICP?

139350. Another name for atonic cerebral paisy is:

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