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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2787

139351. Narcotics are not administered in patient with high cervical injury as they add risk of:

139352. Macewin’s sign is associated with:

139353. Central venous pressure is a measurement of pressure within the:

139354. Excess growth hormone in adults result in:

139355. A patient is admitted with respiratory distress and diagnosed as having Pneumothorax.Here immediate priority should be:

139356. Which of the following observation indicates Cardiac tamponade?

139357. Most common cause of aphasia is vascular disease of brain.Major blood vessel that is associated with aphasia is:

139358. Unpleasant and conflict producing emotions and desires are unconsciously forgotten by an ego defence called:

139359. The most common initial symptoms of SLE are:

139360. Muscledisease characterized by fluctuating weakness of voluntary muscles innervated by cranial nerves is:

139361. While giving aminophyllin IV infusion,the common side effect a nurse can observe is:

139362. The inner force which directs a person to a certain action or behavior is:

139363. How many hours an ovum remains viable after ovulation?

139364. The volume of air that can be made to pass into and out of the lungs by the most forcible inspiration and expiration is:

139365. In which position the client will be placed for rectal examination?

139366. The most accurate indication of true labour is:

139367. An infant with bronchiolitis is receiving oxygen through oxygen tent.Which is the most accurate method of taking body temperature for him?

139368. Nausea and vomiting during first trimester of pregnancy is an adaptation to the increased levels of:

139369. The term cataplexy denotes:

139370. In which position,the nurse will keep herself while palpating a patient’s neck with lymphadenopathy?

139371. The outermost membrane that helps in formation of placenta is

139372. Nurse’s primary observation in a diabetic child admitted with ketoacidosis would be:

139373. Predisposing factors of aphthous ulcer include all the following except:

139374. Which of the following symptoms are characteristic of endometriosis?

139375. The basic emotional task for preschooler is:

139376. Cloudy CSF obtained in lumber puncture is an indication of:

139377. The opening between Vocal Cords in the larynx is:

139378. While collecting nursing history,a patient complaints of ‘floaters’in visual fielWhich condition the nurse should suspect?

139379. Among the foetal blood vessels,highest oxygen content is seen in:

139380. The part of brain concerned with hungers thirst is:

139381. Most commonly observed affect in a schizophrenia patient is:

139382. The most common area for bleeding is a child with haemophilis will be:

139383. Primary responsibility of nurse while caring a client with epidural analgesia is to observe for:

139384. The protein that is found only in mycocardium and increase of which is highly specific to myocardial damage:

139385. Hypophysis cerebri is located in sella turcia,which is a depression in the body of:

139386. A congential malformation in which the urethra opens in the upper surface of penis is:

139387. Which of the following blood component therapeutically provide all the coagulation factors?

139388. Maximum score in glasgowcoma scale is:

139389. C-Reactive protein is a substance produced during inflammations in the body.It is produced in:

139390. A nurse in medical ward had a needle stick injury,after injecting a patient with long term fever.Which diagnostic test would be done for her?

139391. Homan’s sign was elicited in a post natal mother on the second day.What does it indicate?

139392. The joint between trapezium and the first metacarpal bone of the thumb is an example of:

139393. The largest cranial nerve is:

139394. Foetal circulation consists of:

139395. Which is the most abundant tissue within human body?

139396. A condition in which bone matrix is lost,which makes the bone more susceptible to fracture is:

139397. Which of the following drug is an example for Benzodiazepine?

139398. Scar tissue formation is otherwise known as

139399. During CPR,Cardiac compression is applied to:

139400. The publisher of the newspaper ‘Al Ameen’

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