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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2798

139901. The fictional place in R.K.Narayan’s stories:

139902. The girl’s father is dead/but her mother is-------------------

139903. ’Daffodils’-a poem is written by-----------

139904. I am little late,----------?

139905. In which of the following forms of classical literature,the birds and beasts are made to think,and act like men?all teach some moral?

139906. I enjoy ---------novels.

139907. When the poet says that’A’is ‘B’he employs--------------

139908. If he asked me,I--------it to him.

139909. I prefer juice---------te

139910. Pick out the correct one:

139911. Everybody -------------David a fool.

139912. The lifespan of these species -------------very short.

139913. Shakespeare wrote----------sonnets.

139914. Saki is the pen name of -----------

139915. Where does the action in ‘Paradise Lost’take place?

139916. Which prize did Arundati Roy receive for her novel”The God of Small Things’?

139917. Who is the creator of Sherlock Holmes?

139918. Which of the following words does not end in’z’sound?

139919. Choose the odd one out:

139920. The teacher who made a dramatic change in Helen Keller’s life:

139921. The velocity of electromagnetic waves in vacuum is:

139922. STD is an acronym for:

139923. Usually,Television Transmission is:

139924. In a TELEX system,at the beginning of a message,the sender sends a message”who are you”for:

139925. In telephone conversation,the person who initiate the call is referred to as:

139926. Electronic are referred to as:

139927. The first automatic switching system(Exchange)was:

139928. Which out of the following is a widely used pulse modulation technique?

139929. The signal quality of Digital Communication Systems are usually measured in:

139930. In ordinary telephony,at on hook condition,the impedance of telephone line is:

139931. Telegraph circuits are used for:

139932. A highly secured Mini internet within an organization is:

139933. A common media which is used for inter connecting computers of a Local Area Network(LAN)is:

139934. Analog signals are characterized by:

139935. ITU is an acronym for:

139936. Modem is a device mainly for:

139937. Communication between a keyboard and CPU of a computer involve:

139938. Number of transitions per second in a telecommunication link is called:

139939. AM and FM are examples of -------------modulation.

139940. The facility which enable a customer for barring certain calls like STD or ISD:

139941. Physotigmine act as a cholinergic drug by:

139942. Which among the following is not a natural insecticide?

139943. Most common adverse effect of non steroidal antinflammatory agent:

139944. Epinephrine is not used in:

139945. Barbiturate which is used for the induction of anesthesia is:

139946. A highly selective cox-2 inhibitor is:

139947. An antiviral drug used for the treatment of Parkinsonism is:

139948. A proton Pump inhibitor commonly used in the treatment of peptic ulcer is:

139949. Which among the following drugs is used as an emetic?

139950. Antibiotic which is used as a cytotoxic agent is:

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