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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2958

147901. Which article of the Constitution empowers the Parliament tolegislate on any matter of the State List ?

147902. The quorum requirement in the Rajya Sabha:

147903. The Supreme Court has the exclusive jurisdiction in regard to:

147904. Under which article of our constitution , the Governor canreserve the bill for the consideration of the president?

147905. The Lok Sabha Secretariat comes under the supervision of the:

147906. The Lok Sabha is more powerful than the Rajya Sabha in:

147907. Who took interest in the Public Interest Litigation cases ?

147908. Who is responsible for protecting and defending theConstitution?

147909. Whose prior permission is required before the money bill isintroduced in the Lok Sabha ?

147910. Minority rights are given in :

147911. Where does a money bill originate in Indian Parliament ?

147912. The Vice-President of India can be removed from the office :

147913. The Chairman of Rajya Sabha is elected by:

147914. The first Lok Adalat was held in the year:

147915. Which of the following is not a fundamental duty ?

147916. The place in Kerala where telephone was established for thefirst time in Kerala:

147917. The places connected by the first railway line in Kerala:

147918. The first rubberised road in Kerala connects Kottayam and......

147919. The place in Kerala where engineering college was establishedfor the first time:

147920. The first church built by the Europeans in India is..........at Kochi.

147921. The place in Kerala where Public Library was established forthe first time:

147922. The first teak museum in India:

147923. The place where the first under pass in Kerala was established:

147924. The place where the first Law college in Kerala wasestablished:

147925. India’s first gymnastic training centre was established in:

147926. The place where the first Ayurvedic Medical College in Kerala was established:

147927. The first medical college in Kerala was established at:

147928. The first news paper of Kerala was published from:

147929. The venue of the first all Kerala political conferenceorganised by INC was:

147930. The first post office in Kerala was established at:

147931. The place where the first Museum in Kerala was established:

147932. Udaya, the first studio in Kerala was established at:

147933. The first railway line in Travancore:

147934. The first polio-free district in India:

147935. In which district is Maniyar, the first private power projectin Kerala?

147936. The place where the first zoo in Kerala was established:

147937. The first FM radio station in Kerala:

147938. The place where the first women’s college in Kerala wasestablished:

147939. The first radio station in Kerala:

147940. The place where the first training college in Kerala was established:

147941. The first tidal power project in India was established in:

147942. The first light house in western coast was established in 1862at:

147943. Pallivasal, the first hydro electric project isin the district of:

147944. The place where the first mobile court in Kerala was established:

147945. The first college in Kerala was established at:

147946. Which is the first boat race in Kerala which marks thebeginning of the season of boat race in Kerala:

147947. The place where the first Sanskrit College in Kerala was established:

147948. The place where the first jail in Kerala was established:

147949. The first industrial establishement in Kerala to useelectricity is Kannan Devan Company. It is in the district of:

147950. Mangalam project, the first hydel project constructed afterthe formation of Kerala state, is in the river:

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