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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2959

147951. The place where the first international air port in Kerala wasestablished:

147952. The place in Kerala where fine arts college was establishedfor the first time:

147953. In which river Pallivasal, the first govt. owned hydel projectin Kerala was built?

147954. The first wild life sanctuary in Kerala:

147955. The first English school in the princely state of Cochin wasstarted at:

147956. The first diesel power project in Kerala:

147957. The first texile mill in Kerala was established in 1881 at:

147958. The first arch dam in India:

147959. The first national park in Kerala:

147960. The place where Bible was published in Malayalam for the firsttime:

147961. The first tiger reserve in Kerala:

147962. The first meeting of ‘Vavootuyogam’ancestor organisation of SNDP Yogam washeld at:

147963. The first town in Kerala to attain 100% literacy:

147964. The place where the first concrete bridge in Kerala was established:

147965. The first wind power project in Kerala:

147966. The place where the first escalator inKerala was established:

147967. Palayur Church,the first church built by St.Thomas is in thedistrict of:

147968. The first open jail in Kerala was started functioning at.... .inThiruvananthapuram district.

147969. The first eco-tourism project in India was established at:

147970. The place where the first Cyber police station in Kerala was established:

147971. Cheramon Juma Masjid, the first mosque in Kerala:

147972. The first private power station in Kerala:

147973. The first women’s jail in Kerala:

147974. The first speed post centre in Kerala was:

147975. GV Rajas Sports School, the first sports school in Kerala wasestablished at:

147976. The first lion safari park in Kerala was established at:

147977. The place where the first sea food park in Kerala wasestablished:

147978. The first Ayurvedic mental hospital in India:

147979. The first city in Kerala where public transport system wasintroduced in 1938:

147980. The first thermal plant in Kerala with nafta as the fuel:

147981. The first coir village in Kerala:

147982. The first paper mill in Kerala was established at:

147983. The first gramapanchayat in Kerala which produce anddistribute as its own electricity?

147984. The place where the first televison centre in Kerala was established:

147985. The first peacock sanctuary in Kerala:

147986. The first Jewish synagogue in India wasbuilt at:

147987. The number of members in the estimate committee ofParliament:

147988. ‘Right to equal opportunity for justice and free legal aidwas added to Directive Principles through ..... amendment.

147989. Who makes law with respect to Elections for StateLegislature—

147990. The Constitutional amendment granted a position of primacy to all Directive Principles over Fundamental Rights:

147991. A Money Bill passsed by the Lok Sabha is deemed to have been passedby the Rajya Sabha also when no action is taken by the Upper House within—

147992. The maximum number of members in the Subordinate Legislation Committee:

147993. Chief Election Commissioner cannot be removed except by which process—

147994. The number of members from Rajya Sabha to the Public AccountsCommittee:

147995. Parliament enjoys the exclusive right to legislate on thesubjects contained in—

147996. The number of members in the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament:

147997. The 84th amendment of the Constitution in 2000 created ......states.

147998. Censure motion in Parliament should be supported by atleast ......members.

147999. Who is legally competent under the Indian Constitution todeclare war or conclude peace?

148000. What was the exact constitutionalposition of the Indian Republic whenthe Constitution was brought into forcewith effect from January 26, 1950 ?

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