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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2960

148001. The number of members from Lok Sabha to the Public Accounts Committee:

148002. Which writ is issued by a High Court or the Supreme Court tocompel an authority to perform a function that it was not performing ?

148003. In which case did the Supreme Court of India determine that the Parliament has power to make amendment in fundamental rights, but it cannotmake any change in the basic structure of the Constitution ?

148004. In an election, electioneering has to be stopped in aConstituency—

148005. Which of the following exercised themost profound influence in framing theIndian Constitution ?

148006. Full statehood was granted to Arunachal Pradesh by.....amendment.

148007. Who among the following is/are not appointed by thePresident of India ?

148008. Which Amendment provided for an authoritative text of theConstitution in Hindi?

148009. Under the Indian Constitution, what does ‘Adult Suffrage’signify—

148010. The number of members in the Privilege Committee ofParliament:

148011. Who decides allotmentof symbols to Political Parties—

148012. The Rajya Sabha has ...... sessions in a year because theBudget session is split into two.

148013. Comptroller and Auditor General is appointed for a period of..... years:

148014. Who is the counter part of Attorney General in the state?

148015. Part VI of the Constitution is applicable to all statesexcept:

148016. The parliament of...... is known as the ‘mother of allparliaments’:

148017. Who among the following is the authority to issue ordinances?

148018. The number of states formed in 1956 under the StateReorganisation Act:

148019. Which Article of the Constitution is related to amenedmentprocedure?

148020. Which Act passed by the British Parliament divided India andPakistan?

148021. Which Article provides that all minorities, whether based onreligion and language shall have the right to establish and administereducational institutions on their choice?

148022. The process of readjusting the representation of electoralconstituencies is known as:

148023. Annual Financial statement is the other name of:

148024. How many times a person can become the President of India?

148025. The total number of electors belongs to Parliament in thePresidential Election:

148026. A minister should become a member of either house ofParliament within a period of ..... months, if he is not already a member.

148027. In which state two woman are nominated by the Governor tothe Legislative Assembly?

148028. Deputy Speaker submits his resignation to:

148029. If a member absents himself from Parliament for ...... dayswithout permission of the House, his seat may be declared vacant.

148030. Who decides on the holding of elections to Panchyats?

148031. If any question arises whether a Bill is a Money Bill or not,then whose decision is final ?

148032. The alternative tosocialism in Gandhian Philosophy is

148033. In PresidentialGovernment, the President is—

148034. A ParliamentaryGovernment cannot function without—

148035. Who of the followinglinked the Directive Principles with a cheque payable at the convenience of theBank ?

148036. “India that is Bharat,shall be a Union of States.” The word ‘Union’ is derived from the Constitutionof—

148037. The Article of the Indian Constitution which empowers theParliament to regulate the right of citizenship is—

148038. A Federal Court was established in India under the Act of—

148039. Under which Article ofthe Indian Constitution can the Parliament legislate on any subject in theState list ?

148040. A constitutional reason to make the centre strong in Indiais—

148041. For how long can the President’s rule in a State be imposedinitially?

148042. The term of which of the following Lok Sabhas was extendedbeyond the normal period of five years laid down in the Constitution?

148043. The first elected president of the Central LegislativeAssembly:

148044. If a notice for special session of Lok Sabha was given inwriting signed by not less than one-tenth of the members, the president mustsummon the session within ..... days.

148045. When a proclamation of national emergency is in force, theterm of Lok Sabha can be extended by Parliament for the first time for a periodnot exceeding ...... at a time.

148046. Who was known as ‘father of Lok Sabha’?

148047. Who determines whether a bill is money bill?

148048. In the case of resignation, a member of Lok Sabha must submit his resignation to:

148049. The first speaker of Lok Sabha:

148050. The first sitting of the first Lok Sabha was on May13, .......

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