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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2972

148601. The college established by the British at Ajmer was namedafter the Viceroy:

148602. The first Viceroy of India:

148603. The Governor General during the third Mysore War:

148604. The Governor General when Calcutta medical college wasfounded:

148605. The Governor General who annexed Satara to British India, thefirst princely state to be annexed to British India under Doctrine of Lapse:

148606. The Governor General who died at Ghazipore onthe Ganges River where his grave and monumentare still maintained by the Indian government:

148607. The Viceroy during the partition of Bengal:

148608. The Viceroy of India during the Delhi Durbar of 1877:

148609. The Viceroy when India got independence:

148610. The Viceroy when Muslim League was formed in 1906:

148611. The Viceroy when Rowlatt Act was passed?

148612. Who was the Governor General when the administration ofBritish India was transferred from East India Company to the British Crown:

148613. Who was the Governor General when the first railway line wasestablished between Bombay and Thane?

148614. Who was the Governor General when the first telegraph line wasestablished between Kolkata and Agra?

148615. Who was the Governor General when the Universities of Kolkata,Bombay and Madras were established?

148616. The Viceroy when the First Round Table Conference was held in1930?

148617. The Viceroy when the partition of Bengal was repealed in 1911:

148618. The Viceroy when Vernacular Press Act was introduced?

148619. The Viceroy who believed in free trade and abolished all export duties except those onrice, oil, indigo and lac:

148620. The Viceroy who announced the date of transfer of power toIndian hands:

148621. The Viceroy who had been the Commander in Chief of the IndianArmy:

148622. The Viceroy who was resigned after the Afghan issue in 1876:

148623. Who became Governor General two times (1786, 95, 1805)?

148624. Who raised a para-military force called Imperial ServiceCorps, which was officered by Indians and only inspected by British commanders?

148625. Who repealed the Vernacular Press Act?

148626. Who suppressed the mutiny of Wahabis:

148627. Who was the first Governor General of British India?

148628. Who was the Governor General when Tipu Sultan was defeated andkilled in the Fourth Mysore War?

148629. Who was the Governor General when Treaty of Amritsir wassigned between Renjith Singh and the East India Company?

148630. Who was the Viceroy during the Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre?

148631. Who was the Viceroy when capital of British India wastransferred from Kolkata to Delhi?

148632. Who was the Viceroy when Criminal Procedure Code was broughtinto effect?

148633. Who was the Viceroy when Durant line was brought into effect?

148634. Who was the Viceroy when Edward VII was declared as theemperor of India?

148635. Who was the Viceroy when General Election was held in all theprovinces of the British India in 1937?

148636. Who was the Viceroy when INC launched Quit India Movement?

148637. Who was the Viceroy when Indian National Congress was formedin 1885?

148638. Who was the Viceroy when the first Census was held in 1872?

148639. Who was the viceroy when the first regular census was held in1881:

148640. …….. year has passed since the tsunami lashed certain coastal areas.

148641. It was ……. cats and dogs.

148642. All colleges will reopen ……. tomorrow.

148643. State of well being/pleasant excitement:

148644. If you listened more carefully, you ……. Somany mistakes.

148645. He is an engineer working ….. Palghat.

148646. The person who has long experience:

148647. The passive voice of ‘Did you do it?’:

148648. The word ‘Alacrity’ means:

148649. The boy cried aloud ……. he saw a snake:

148650. He ……. the task entrusted to him.

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