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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2973

148651. More men adore the sun rising than the sun……..

148652. My advice did not …… him at all.

148653. I asked the boy ………

148654. I have known him ……. a long time.

148655. Andamans are a group of islands in …… Bay of Bengal:

148656. The reported speech of : ‘He asked, ‘What is the time?’ is:

148657. Rajyasamacharam is the first news paper in Malayalam. Itspublication was started in:

148658. The person who became Deputy Chief Minister in Kerala twotimes:

148659. The number of district panchayats in Kerala:

148660. ‘Hand’ is the election symbol of:

148661. The seat of the Kerala High Court:

148662. Malampuzha Dam is in the river system:

148663. The Dewan of Travancore who introduced public transportservice in Travancore:

148664. The most famous king of the kingdom of Kochi:

148665. The birth place of Thacholi Othenan:

148666. ‘Syanandooram’ is the Sanskrit name for:

148667. The Dutch man who shared the first Nobel Prize for Economicswith Ragner Frisch of Norway:

148668. King of minerals:

148669. Benitto Mussolini was known as:

148670. The number of principal organs of United Nations afterthe Trusteeship Council suspended operations in 1994:

148671. Birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda is observed as:

148672. “Let them eat cakes”- Who is related to this statement?

148673. Who founded the Maurya dynasty?

148674. The first Indian to go to space:

148675. The Portuguese Navigator who led the expedition which completedthe first circumnavigation:

148676. Which cave is famous for ‘Trimurti’ statues?

148677. Madison Square Garden in USA is related to:

148678. The Panama canal was opened in:

148679. The branch of biology related to the study of structure andorganisation of living things:

148680. .The author of ‘Around the World in 80 Days’?

148681. Intensity of sound is measured in:

148682. 46 Which of the following plants helps nitrogen fixation?

148683. Which element has the lowest melting point?

148684. Which is known as ‘Chemical Sun’?

148685. The term associated with the cultivation of grapes:

148686. The clonned wolf:

148687. Jamnapari is a type of :

148688. Thigh bone is also known as:

148689. The nearest planet to Sun:

148690. What is the rank of Saturn in terms of size among the planets:

148691. The areas between polar circles and poles:

148692. Which is situated between Africa and Europe?

148693. Australia is the ......... continent:

148694. The parliament of which country has the largest number ofmembers?

148695. Shqipery is the local name of:

148696. The second longest river in India:

148697. Mahabalipuram Monuments in Tamil Nadu were built by:

148698. The headquarters of CBI:

148699. Chief female deity of Indus people:

148700. The reign of Sher Shah was between:

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