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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2974

148701. The Dargah of Sufi saint Khwaja Muinuddin Chisti is in:

148702. Which one of the following is a riverine port?

148703. The largest lake in India:

148704. Who is regarded as the father of Indian Classical Music?

148705. The Jorhat National Park is in the State of:

148706. The second largest book in ancient Indian literature:

148707. What was called ‘post dated cheque’ by Gandhiji?

148708. In which year the Congress ministries in the provinces resignedto protest against the war policy ofthe British Government?

148709. Cruelty: Kindness :: Revenge : ?

148710. Which of the following part of the Constitution was prepared byJawaharlal Nehru?

148711. Which one of the following communities is specially mentionedin the Constitution?

148712. The largest princely state at the time of independence:

148713. Which of the following offices is held during the pleasure ofthe President of India?

148714. A number exceed its one-fifth by What is the number?

148715. Select the pair which is different from others:

148716. When there is an increase of 30% in the price of TV sets anddecrease of 20% in the number of sets sold , then what is the percentage effecton total sales?

148717. 7,11,13,17,19,, ———

148718. Which one number can replace both question marks 1/?= ?/36

148719. Clock is to Day as Calendar is to:

148720. Find the reciprocal of 01:

148721. Two students fought a college election. The winning student got 60% of the total votes and won the election by 144 votes only. What is the total number of votes polled?

148722. Convert 9/10 into a percent:

148723. By this time tomorrow, I……..this job.

148724. A for 2, B for 4, and E for 10; then C X D stands for:

148725. Individual : Family :: Family : ?

148726. Select the odd one:

148727. 60% of 37= ?

148728. Fly : Parrot :: Crawl : ?

148729. The sum of two numbers is 35 and their difference is Find the greater number:

148730. A factory produces 145 cars a week. How many cars will itproduces in a year?

148731. Place for keeping birds:

148732. The political party needs workers to ……. Votes during theelection campaign (select the most appropriate word):

148733. …….. come to my rescue I would have been killed by the bandits.

148734. He enquired …… my health:

148735. A large scale departure of people:

148736. If I know his address I ……..

148737. A man who dances to the tunes of his wife:

148738. Consulting number twelve in a sequence:

148739. A set of rooms for one person’s family use or for a particularpurpose:

148740. You had better …… smoking.

148741. She was anxiously ………

148742. Do you enjoy ………. ?

148743. There was ……. rain for two days and all the rivers in the areawere flooded:

148744. I …… the letter, but I can’t find a stamp:

148745. Identify the incorrect group:

148746. The glass was …… last night.

148747. Central area or main business area of a city:

148748. Would you mind ……. the window?

148749. The first Chief Justice of India:

148750. The strength of the Vidhan Parishad cannot be less than:

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