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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2975

148751. Lao Tse, the founder of Taoism belonged to:

148752. Who is the originator of Penny postal system?

148753. The trade name ‘BSA’ is related to:

148754. In which century Delhi was conquered by the Muhammad Ghori?

148755. The Portuguese defeated Kunhali IV in AD:

148756. Who was the minister in charge of the portfolio of Labour inthe first EMS ministry?

148757. The chief minister of Kerala who ruled for the longest period:

148758. The district which is the largest producer of spices in Kerala:

148759. The river flows through silent valley:

148760. Chambakkulam boat race is held in ......

148761. Who was the first secretaty of K.P.C.C?

148762. The four founder leaders of Communist Party in Kerala wereP.Krishna Pilla, K Damodaran, NC Sekhar and ......

148763. The largest national park in Kerala:

148764. The first Sikh Guru:

148765. The youngest to become the President of India:

148766. Cripp’s Mission visited India in:

148767. Who founded Theosophical Society in UnitedStates in 1875?

148768. Who said ‘Give me blood, I shall give you freedom’?

148769. Gandhiji was assassinated on:

148770. The year of Battle of Haldighati in which Mughal forces underRaja Man Singh defeated Rana Pratap:

148771. Who authored ‘Saundarananda’ and ‘Buddhacharita’?

148772. Alexander invaded India in the year:

148773. Who is regarded as the founder of Theravada Buddhism, a sectof Hinayana Buddhism?

148774. Which of the following Vedas is a collection of spells andincantations?

148775. Father of Indian Archaeology:

148776. Arakan Yoma is an extension of Himalayas located in:

148777. With which country has India the longest border:

148778. Chandigarh is known as:

148779. Which river is known as the ‘Sorrow of Bengal’?

148780. Where is Meenakshi temple?

148781. Bikaner Camel festival is held in the state of:

148782. State Bank of India was formerly known as:

148783. The external intelligence agency of India, RAW (Research andAnalysis Wing) was established in:

148784. Central Building Research Institute is located at:

148785. The first modern university in India was established in:

148786. Formosa is now known as:

148787. Mexico is the birth place of:

148788. In which continent is ‘Sentinel range’?

148789. Which gland is known as Adam’s apple?

148790. Which is a water soluble vitamin?

148791. Who is the father of the Theory of the Inheretance of Acquired Charecters?

148792. Which is the useful part of Grampoo?

148793. What is known as ‘Green Vitriol’?

148794. The first to synthesise urea artificially:

148795. Visible part of sun:

148796. In how many subjects Alfred Nobel instituted Nobel Prize?

148797. The first Secretary General of United Nations:

148798. The birth anniversary of Netaji Subash Bose is observed as:

148799. The art form in Kerala which was included in the WorldHeritage List of UNESCO in 2010:

148800. The seat of Lokayukta in Kerala:

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