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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3067

153351. I wish I........ Ali’s mobile number?

153352. The feminine gender of ‘Bachelor’ is:?

153353. The labourer has been working ________ 9 AM.?

153354. As a man of action he is naturallly.......... with his words?

153355. Meena danced well ____?

153356. Plural of Son-in-law is :?

153357. Many people want to learn English...............they think it will help their career.?

153358. He was arrested; and now out on ....................?

153359. I can’t help you ------- you tell me the truth.?

153360. Sam is very good ___ mathematics?

153361. He insisted on .............?

153362. What is the comparative form of the adjective ‘bad’?

153363. I am sorry ........... being late.?

153364. ‘Students should obey the rules of the School’ ۔ Change the sentence into passive voice?

153365. I will ............ you next Sunday?

153366. I was given a book is the pasive form of :?

153367. The cattle -------- grazing in the field.?

153368. ‘Carpe diem’ means:?

153369. He had..............money with him.?

153370. If you had worked hard, you ____ a first class?

153371. Riot and disturbance have --------- in several places.?

153372. Choose the word which means most nearly the same as the word given in capital letters LUSCIOUS?

153373. ‘In toto’ means?

153374. Tom received rich ___ for his recitation?

153375. The passive voice form of ‘They completed the project’ is:?

153376. The idiom ‘hot under the collar’ means: -?

153377. Baba, an eminent scientist died -------- an accident.?

153378. She often ____ to church.?

153379. If she misses the bus, she..........here on time.?

153380. He admitted his _____?

153381. Everyday I go -----bed at 11’0 clock.?

153382. The meaning of euthanasia:?

153383. The operation _____ his pain, but the injection ‘alleviated’ it (Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word quoted)?

153384. He wrote his name............. the top of the page.?

153385. ‘Woman servant' is a:?

153386. Delhi is on ____ banks of Yamuna.?

153387. Mumbai is the ____ seaport to Europe.?

153388. Fill in the blanks with suitable tense forms of the verbs. The managing director is away on tour. He ____ to London?

153389. Find the exact werd which means 'that happens now and then'.?

153390. Tell me ____ you were talking to for so long?

153391. He shall fail ------- he studies well?

153392. One of my pencils............ fallen of?

153393. Little progress has been made...........?

153394. Fill in the blanks with suitable article. ____ college has ____ new look?

153395. E-mail is a relatively new –––––– of communication.?

153396. She lives in Mumbai, ____?

153397. On very high mountains there aren’t _____ trees.?

153398. Nothing ____ disturbs his sleep.?

153399. ‘‘I bought a book”, is the active form of:?

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