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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3068

153401. The man — writes the book is a friend of mine.?

153402. Find out the wrongly spelt word:?

153403. Find the correct spelling:?

153404. ‘They make a book of paper’’. is the active form of :?

153405. The announcement of the results ___ awaited.?

153406. The shopkeeper offered to exchange the goods. The shopkeeper offered to refund the money. (Combine using ‘either-or')?

153407. He...................me on my good looks.?

153408. We _____ all yesterday.?

153409. One who sneers and shows contempt for riches and enjoyment is a?

153410. Fear of anything new is:?

153411. Which is the ____ city in India?

153412. A government of few?

153413. It............since eight o' clock this morning.?

153414. Chocolate cake contains *................ amount of calorie.?

153415. She is _______ most intelligent girl in the class.?

153416. The baby ------ all morning.?

153417. She ___ the qualifying test last year.?

153418. You can telephone me _____ you like.?

153419. Please stop................; you are disturbing the others in the library?

153420. Would you mind _____ this letter?

153421. Criticism of other religions ______ hatred and violence among Indians?

153422. Տhe ___ succeeded if she had worked hard?

153423. Choose the words nearest in meaning of the underlined words for questions 82 and 83. Our college is within a stone’s throw from here.?

153424. Could you buy me...........stamps; please?

153425. The synonym of obstinate is?

153426. Give one word- One who doesn't beleive in god?

153427. Some students spend a lot of money..........looks.?

153428. Find the wrongly spelt word:?

153429. What is the passive voice form of: This shop sells non-fiction books?

153430. I appreciate her ____ in her studies?

153431. He left Mumbai ––––– train.?

153432. He is –––––– .?

153433. It was past midnight, so there were _____ people in the street.?

153434. She is ....... untidy girl?

153435. Generally students expect the result of their final examination with much ------?

153436. We can ...... you ...... at a hotel for two years?

153437. He chose sometimes from Shakespeare's Sonnets as the ..............for his essay.?

153438. Most of the bananas in the basket ____ ripen.?

153439. With..........did you see Janet?

153440. The room is full of –––––– .?

153441. Before he took up this job he ____ in a bank.?

153442. I spoke to her -------.?

153443. Choose the right form of the verb India ---- independent since 1947.?

153444. Fill in the blanks using proper question tag - Everybody wants to be rich -------?

153445. Write the passive of, John asked Mary, “Did you come yesterday”?

153446. She sang well, ____?

153447. 'Myself' is a -------- pronoun.?

153448. I am tired, so I want to get ___ sleep,?

153449. It rained ________, all the day.?

153450. Vasu gets up late every day, ----------?

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