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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3165

158251. Sending an e-mail is the same as?

158252. For selecting or highlighting, which of the following is generally used?

158253. In binary language, each letter of alphabet, each number, and each specific character is a unique combination of?

158254. The result of computer processing of your input is called?

158255. A collection of unprocessed items is?

158256. Junk e-mail is also called?

158257. What is the full form of URL?

158258. File __________ shrinks the size of a file so it requires less storage space.?

158259. All the characters that a device can use is called its?

158260. The name that the user gives to a document is referred to as?

158261. BIOS stands for?

158262. Pie-charts are typically created by using which of the following?

158263. All of the following terms are associated with spreadsheet software except?

158264. File extensions are used in order to?

158265. The topology with highest reliability is _______.?

158266. EPROM can be used for _________.?

158267. Numbers and formulae entered in cell are called _________.?

158268. The physical arrangement of elements on a page is referred to as a document’s ________.?

158269. A VLAN equals to _______.?

158270. A _______is a major database object used to display information in a printable page format.?

158271. Which of the following code detects and corrects error in data?

158272. What is the best definition of a compiler?

158273. Password in computer environment means _________.?

158274. Rahul has an e-card that he uses to access different parts of his company’s R & D offices. What type of card is he using?

158275. Password in computer environment means _______.?

158276. Diagrammatic or symbolic representation of an algorithm is called _______.?

158277. Vacuum Tube is the invention of ___________ generation.?

158278. Inventor of C++ is _________.?

158279. A set of choices on the screen is called a(n) __________.?

158280. The term CRM means ___________.?

158281. Which of the following justification align the text on both the sides-left and right-of margin?

158282. Google is a(n)_________.?

158283. Numbers in table columns are usually?

158284. The _________ of software contains lists of commands and options.?

158285. To access a mainframe or supercomputer, users often use a?

158286. Which method is used most by the Indian banks to send amount from one city to the other?

158287. In PowerPoint, the Header & Footer button can be found in what group on the Insert tab?

158288. What is usually used for displaying information at public places?

158289. What menu is selected to cut, copy and paste?

158290. The signal which shows that a computer is waiting for a command from the user is?

158291. All of the logical and mathematical calculations done by the computer happen in/on the?

158292. Which is the protocol that supports linking from one web page to another page?

158293. Reload a web page, we press the _______ button.?

158294. What is the purpose of providing a Draft folder in an email system?

158295. User can use which command to search for and correct the word in a document.?

158296. Chip is a common nickname for a(n)_______.?

158297. The smallest unit in a digital system is ________.?

158298. An audit trail _______________.?

158299. Compiling creates a(n) ________.?

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