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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3167

158351. Which of the following represents the fastest data transmission speed?

158352. Hub is Associated with ________ network.?

158353. The primary editing view, where you write and design your slides is known as__________ .?

158354. A website is a collection of _________ .?

158355. Which of the following is used by the browsers to connect to the location of the Internet resources?

158356. What is the term for how words will appear on a page?

158357. What is the full form of CMS?

158358. Which of the following term is similar to phishing, but refers to fraudulent messages sent over SMS rather than email?

158359. The computer that process both analog and digital is called?

158360. Which of the following is READ-only disc?

158361. Which of the following is not a category of computer language?

158362. Something which has easily-understood instructions is said to be?

158363. The input device to be used to get a printed diagram into a computer is the?

158364. What type of device is a computer mouse?

158365. Which of the following is a network accessible only by the organisation’s members?

158366. The physical component of a computer that we can see and touch is called?

158367. Desktop and personal computers are also Known as?

158368. A(n) __________ contains commands that can be selected?

158369. The term ‘bit’ is short for?

158370. When your computer stops working suddenly, it is referred to as a _______.?

158371. C++ belongs to which category of Programming Language?

158372. Capital letters on a keyboard are referred to as _________.?

158373. The group of data and operations together are known as?

158374. Which of the following keys is used to delete characters to the left of the cursor?

158375. A web address is also called a __________.?

158376. A VLAN equals to _________.?

158377. The first PC virus was developed in?

158378. Which file creates a perfect reproduction of the original images?

158379. The __________ manual tells you how to use a software program.?

158380. What disk is used to cold-boot a PC?

158381. Which of the following cannot be part of an email address?

158382. A DVD is an example of a(n)?

158383. Approximately how many bytes make one Megabyte?

158384. The box that contains the central electronic components of the computer is the?

158385. Three types of compact disks include CD-ROM, CD-R and?

158386. The _________ controls a client’s computer resources.?

158387. To reload a Web page, press the _________ button.?

158388. _________ is used in second generation computer.?

158389. The first microprocessor was developed in 1971 by?

158390. Conversion of analog waves to a digital format called?

158391. FORTRAN was introduced in the year?

158392. _______is the father of punched card.?

158393. What is called the starting up on operating system?

158394. We can repeat narration by pressing?

158395. Which of the following programming languages is associated with Artificial Intelligence?

158396. On color monitor each pixel is composed of ________.?

158397. AltaVista is a(n)_______.?

158398. _______ and ________ is/are mostly used input device.?

158399. You click at I to make the text ________.?

158400. Correcting errors in a program is called _________.?

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