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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3293

164651. A Member of Parliament can claim immunity:?

164652. State which of the following statements is incorrect:?

164653. Representatives of union Territories in Lok Sabha are chosen by:?

164654. Rajya Sabha has the exclusive authority to:?

164655. The maximum strength of the nominated members in both the Houses of Parliament can be:?

164656. In India, the system of proportional representation is used for:1. election to the office of the President. 2. election to the office of Vice-President. 3. election of the members of the Rajya Sabha. 4. by elections?

164657. Article 75 includes among its provisions:1. Prime Minister is to be appointed by the President. 2. The Council of Ministers shall be collectively responsible the Lok Sabha. 3. The President may appoint a non-member as Prime Minister who must become a member of Parliament before the expiration of six months. 4. The Ministers shall hold office during the pleasure of the Prime Minister.?

164658. Under Article 87:1. The President may address either House of Parliament and require the attendance of members for that purpose. 2. The President shall address both Houses of Parliament assembled together at the commencement of the first session after each general election to the Lok Sabha. 3. Provision is to be made by rules regulating the procedure of either House for allotment of time for discussion of the matters referred to in the President's address.?

164659. In which areas is concurrent action of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha required:1. Removal of Comptroller and Auditor-General. 2. Approval of emergency proclamation. 3. No-confidence motion. 4. Constitutional amendment.?

164660. Which of the following statements are not true:1. The Rajya Sabha has no power to reject or amend a Money Bill. 2. The Speaker of Lok Sabha has sole and final power of deciding whether a Bill is a Money Bill. 3. In the creation of All-India Services the Lok Sabha has more powers than the Rajya Sabha. 4. In 1976 the Money Bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha.?

164661. The Parliament legislates on a State subject if:I. the Rajya Sabha passes a resolution by two-thirds majority that to do so is in the national inter II. during times of gency. Ill. when the legislatives of two or more States resolve that it is lawful for Parliament to do so. IV. a treaty or international agreement has to be implemented.?

164662. What is the correct sequence of the given stages that a Bill passes through before becoming an Act:1. Getting published in the official gazette. 2. Admitting amendments. 3. Reference to a joint committee. 4. Presidential assent.?

164663. Parliament is empowered to get all the following removed except:?

164664. Who is considered the guardian of the Public Purse?

164665. All money received by or on behalf of the Government of India are credited to:?

164666. Which of the following is not a function of Parliament in India?

164667. A joint sitting may be called:I. only in case of national emergency. II. to enable a Constitutional Amendment to be passed in a hurry. III. when taxes approved by one House are rejected by the other.?

164668. The concept of Public Interest Litigation originated in:?

164669. Which of the following statements is/are correct:1. The Supreme Court's decrees and orders are enforceable throughout India. 2. The Supreme Court is not bound by its earlier decisions. 3. In its power of judicial review the Supreme Court can declare a law unconstitutional on the basis of the objectives underlying the law. 4. The Constitution excludes no area from judicial review.?

164670. The Constitution allows preventive detention but stipulates:?

164671. Who is appointed as an adhoc Judge of the Supreme Court?

164672. Which of the .following amendments curtailed the power of Judicial review of the Supreme Court and the High Courts?

164673. Under a single, integrated, hierarchial judicial system, the High Courts in the States are directly under the:?

164674. If a High Court in India does not give the certificate to a case that it involves a substantial question of law, the Supreme Court:?

164675. Consider the following statements:1. The mode of removal of a Judge of a High Court in India is same as that of removal of a Judge of the Supreme Court. 2. After retirement from the office, a permanent Judge of a High Court cannot plead or act in any court or before any authority in India. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

164676. Which of the following, regarding the advisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court are correct:1. It is binding on the Supreme Court to give its opinion on any matter referred to it by the President. 2. The full bench of the Supreme Court hears any reference made to it under its power of advisory jurisdiction. 3. The opinion given by the Supreme Court on a reference under advisory jurisdiction is not binding on the government. 4. Not more than one reference at a time can be made to the Supreme Court under its power of advisory jurisdiction.?

164677. For the enforcement of Fundamental Rights, the Supreme Court may issue a/an:?

164678. Which of the following writs is issued by the court in case of illegal detention of a person?

164679. Under the writ of 'Mandamus', the Court can:?

164680. Which of the following writs is a bulwark of personal freedom?

164681. Which of the following writs may be issued to enforce a Fundamental Right?

164682. The appropriate writ issued by the court to quash the appointment of a person to a public office is that of:?

164683. Match the following:A. Mandamus 1. Direction to an official for the performance of a duty B. Habeas Corpus 2. Release of an illegally detained person C. Certiorari 3. Transferring of a case from an inferior court to a court of higher jurisdiction D. Quo Warranto 4. Calling upon one to show by what authority he holds or claims a franchise or office A B C D?

164684. The total number of High Courts in India at present is:?

164685. The age of retirement of the Judges of the High Court is:?

164686. Which is the highest and final judicial tribunal in respect of the Constitution of India?

164687. An appeal shall lie to the Supreme Court from any judgement of a High Court if the High Court:?

164688. To ensure impartiality, the retired Chief Justice and other Judges of the Supreme Court are debarred from practising law:?

164689. What is meant by 'Court of Record'?

164690. Besides its permanent seat at Delhi, the Supreme Court can also meet at:?

164691. Which of the following cases cannot be filed directly in the Supreme Court?

164692. Which is not an eligibility criterion for appointment as a Judge of the Supreme Court?

164693. Judicial Review' function of the Supreme Court means the power to:?

164694. Which of the following is incorrect regarding Supreme Court?

164695. The Supreme Court of India decides the disputes regarding the election of:?

164696. Which of the following is true about the Supreme Court?

164697. Salaries of the Judges of the Supreme Court are drawn from the:?

164698. A Judge of the Supreme Court of India is to hold office until he attains the age of:?

164699. Which of the following statements regarding Judiciary in India are correct:1. Supreme Court of India is free from the control and influence of Legislature and Executive. 2. Subordinate courts are at the head of the judicial hierarchy of the State. 3. The Chief Justice and other Judges of the High Court are appointed by the Governor in consultation with the Chief Justice of India. 4. A High Court can withdraw a case from a subordinate court and can deal with the case itself if it is satisfied that the case involves a substantial point of constitutional law.?

164700. In which of the following cases appeals cannot be lodged with the Supreme Court?

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