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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 402

20101. Which of the following is a poisonous fuel gas?

20102. In low temperature carbonisation (as compared to high temperature carbonisation) of coal

20103. Washing of coal does not reduce its

20104. Coke having higher porosity has

20105. A coal gasifier opearating at 20 atm. (e.g. Lugri gasifier) as compared to one operating at atmospheric pressure (e.g. Kopper-Totzek or Winkler gasifier) will produce a gas having

20106. Combustion of pulverised fuel

20107. Gasification of the solid fuel converts its organic part into combustible by interaction with air/oxygen and steam so as to obtain a secondary gaseous fuel of high calorific value having no ash. Gasification reactions are normally carried out at about __________ °C.

20108. Low temperature oxidation of coal during storage does not decrease its

20109. With increase in the oxygen content of the coal, its __________ decreases.

20110. The shift conversion reaction taking place during water gas manufacture is given by

20111. Which of the following is unsuitable fuel for producer gas manufacture ?

20112. A good metallurgical coke

20113. The main advantage of forced draft over natural draft is that

20114. Benzene is used

20115. The bright glow of a combustion process is the characteristic of __________ temperature oxidation of coal.

20116. Net calorific value is the gross calorific value less the __________ heat of water in the product of combustion when cooled to 15°C.

20117. A ‘Classification and Subject Index for Cataloguing and arranging the books and pamphlets of a library’was the title of the first edition of:

20118. The optimum percentage of excess air for combustion depends upon the __________ of the fuel.

20119. Fuel for a nuclear reactor (thermal) is

20120. "Micum Index" of a coke is a measure of its

20121. 'Wind loss' resulting from unscientific storage of coal may be the order of about __________ percent.

20122. Volatile matter content in coking coal may be about __________ percent.

20123. The main function of primary air in pulverised coal fired burner is to

20124. __________ is used as jet engine fuel.

20125. Fischer-Tropsch method aims at the

20126. To avoid fire by spontaneous combustion of coal due to its low temperature oxidation, it should be stored in

20127. Artificial draught produced by a fan can be controlled by the

20128. Water gas constitutes mainly of

20129. Coke made in narrower by-product coke ovens (as compared to wider ovens) is

20130. Main constituent of the gas produced from a gobar gas plant is

20131. Steam is intermittently admitted into the fuel bed during the production of producer gas to

20132. In general, the limit of inflammability/explosion limit of fuel gases is widened by the

20133. Caking coal is desirable for

20134. Blast furnace gas compared to coke oven gas has

20135. Which of the following is not increased by using preheated combustion air in place of ordinary air at room temperature ?

20136. Wood charcoal is obtained by the destructive distillation of wood. It is used in the production of activated carbon, which is not used for the

20137. Washing of coal is done to reduce the

20138. Volumetric ratio of N2 to O2 in dry atmospheric air is

20139. Coke oven gas burns with an yellowish flame, because of the presence of

20140. Calorific value of

20141. Which of the following would require least amount of secondary air for combustion ?

20142. 'Fat coals' are those coals which have very high

20143. Highly reactive coke have lower

20144. A coal with high ash content

20145. Coals used for the generation of producer gas should have

20146. A coal having higher volatile matter content will necessarily have lower

20147. An ordinal number which fixes the position of a document relative to the other documents having the same class is called:

20148. Of the total tar present in raw coke oven gas, the tar recovered in primary cooler is about __________ percent.

20149. With increases in carbonisation temperature

20150. Moisture loss is determined by the

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