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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 431

21551. The process employing desorption of the absorbed solute by a solvent is called

21552. If the overall efficiency and Murphree plate efficiency are equal, then both the equilibrium and operating lines are

21553. Which of the following operations does not involve leaching ?

21554. The recovery of pencillin from the acidified fermentation broth is done by

21555. Unit operation involved in the prilling of urea is

21556. Molecular seives are porous

21557. Calcium ammonium nitrate (a fertiliser) is dried in a __________ dryer.

21558. A binary mixture of benzene and cyclohexane is separated by

21559. Component A is diffusing in a medium B. The flux NA relative to a stationary point is equal to the flux due to molecular difusion, if

21560. Cox chart is useful in the design of

21561. Dew point of an air-water vapor mixture

21562. Can a cooling tower cool water below the wet bulb temperature of inlet air ?

21563. The solvent used in liquid-liquid extraction should have __________ less than one.

21564. The suitable evaporator for concentration of foaming liquids is a __________ evaporator.

21565. The ratio of Murphree plate efficiency to point efficiency is always > 1 in a __________ flow model.

21566. Tea percolation employs

21567. Which of the following assumes constant molal vaporisation and overflow ?

21568. Absorption factor, for a fixed degree of absorption from a fixed amount of gas should be

21569. Selectivity of the solvent used in solvent extraction should be

21570. Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to leaching.

21571. Wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures becomes identical at __________ percent saturation curve.

21572. NSc/NPr is called the

21573. McCabe-Thiele method

21574. The film penetration model of mass transfer was enunciated by

21575. The most economical range of absorption factor is

21576. Channelling is most severe

21577. Out of two equilibrium curves, first one lies above the diagonal and the second lies below the diagonal in the x-y plot. It means that separation by distillation is

21578. 'ADDUCTS' and 'CLATHRATES' are used in case of

21579. Adsorption is an unit operation which generally involves __________ systems.

21580. In case of __________ distillation, a solvent is added to alter the relative volatility of the mixture to be separated.

21581. Separation of the isotopes of helium for scientific investigations is done by

21582. In a binary system, separation is very efficient, when the relative volatility is

21583. Fenske-Underwood equation used for calculating the minimum number of theoretical plates in distillation column is valid for

21584. The binary diffusivity in gases does not depend upon the

21585. Berl saddle made of carbon cannot be used for

21586. 1 kg of a saturated aqueous solution of a highly soluble component A at 60°C is cooled to 25°C. The solubility limits of A are (0.6 kgA/kg water) at 60°C and (0.2 kgA/kg water) at 25°C. The amount in kg of the crystals formed is

21587. During drying of a solid, the critical moisture content increases with

21588. Priming in a distillation column

21589. The commonly used solvent in supercritical extraction is

21590. When the liquid over a plate is of uniform concentration, then

21591. In saturated gas, the

21592. As per Gilliland's equation, the diffusivity is

21593. In the radiator pressure cap contains

21594. A mixture of 10% C6H6 vapour in air at 25°C and 750 mm Hg has a dew point of 20°C. Its dew point at 30°C and 700 mm Hg will be around __________ °C.

21595. Which of the following is not fixed by the process requirements, in the design of absorbers ?

21596. If the amount of the steam used in steam distillation is increased, the temperature of distillation

21597. Moisture in a solid exerting an equilibrium vapour pressure equal to that of the pure liquid at the same temperature is called the __________ moisture.

21598. Inside the distillation columns, the

21599. When the psychometric ratio is __________ then the adiabatic saturation temperature and wet bulb temperature becomes equal.

21600. Desirable value of absorption factor in an absorber is

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