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21601. Refractory bricks are usually dried in a __________ dryer.

21602. For __________ drying, the effects of velocity, temperature and humidity of the gas and the thickness of the solid are the same.

21603. What is the degree of freedom of an absorption process in which only one component is transferred between phases ?

21604. Sticky material can be dried in a __________ dryer.

21605. Langmuir equation is associated with

21606. During the constant rate period of drying of a solid,

21607. At a fixed total pressure, humidity depends only on the

21608. Where is the headquarters of United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)?

21609. Flash distillation is

21610. __________ developed the film theory.

21611. For absorbers, high pressure drop results in

21612. Which of the following parameters remains almost constant during adiabatic saturation of unsaturated air ?

21613. Coffee is prepared from coffee beans by leaching with

21614. Gaseous diffusion co-efficient increases with increase in the

21615. With increase in absolute humidity, the dew point of an unsaturated mixture of air and water vapor (at constant pressure and temperature)

21616. Which planet is nearest to earth:?

21617. Pick out the wrong statement. Raoult's law does not apply, when the

21618. Water-ethyl alcohal solution can be concentrated (in respect of alcohal concentration) by __________ distillation.

21619. L/mG is the expression for

21620. Extraction of pencillin employs a __________ extraction coloumn.

21621. In case of gases, the binary diffusivity is proportional to (where, P = pressure)

21622. When the gas to be dissolved in liquid is a/an __________ then normally co-current adsorber are used.

21623. Corresponding to Prandtl number in heat transfer, the dimensionless group in mass transfer is the __________ number.

21624. If a two phase system is in physical equilibrium; then it means that, the

21625. McCabe-Thiele method of binary distillation does not assume that the

21626. (NSh/NRe.NSc) is termed in mass transfer operation as the

21627. The Hatta number is important in

21628. When a multistage tray tower uses a minimum reflux ratio, it implies

21629. CO2 can be absorbed by

21630. For the same process conditions, the reflux ratio of an unlagged distillation column

21631. An ideal tower packing should not

21632. Which of the following is a suitable absorbent for removal of H2S from natural gas ?

21633. Acetone is to be removed from air in an isothermal dilute absorber using pure water as solvent. The incoming air contains 5 mole% of acetone (yin = 0.05). The design equation to be used for obtaining the number of trays (N) of the absorber is, N+2 = 6 log (yin/yout).For 98% recovery of acetone, the number of trays required is/are

21634. Schimdt number and Lewis number for pure air at atmospheric conditions are respectively

21635. Below is given an equilibrium moisture curve of a substance. State which regions represent free moisture and unbound moisture respectively.

21636. Molecular diffusion is caused by the

21637. At __________ reflux, theoretical number of plates in a distillation coloumn is calculated using Fenske-Underwood equation.

21638. Separation of a mixture of two gases by absorption in the liquid solvent depends upon the difference in their

21639. Components, having widely different boiling point in a binary mixture, can be separated using __________ distillation.

21640. Which of the following equipments is not used in liquid-liquid extraction ?

21641. The function of fly wheel is

21642. Equilibrium-moisture curves of different solids

21643. Azeotropism for ethyl alcohol-water system disappears by

21644. Degree of freedom for leaching and solvent extraction process is

21645. Diffusion co-efficient generally depends upon the temperature, pressure & the nature of the components of the system. Its dimension is not the same as that of the

21646. Equilibrium moisture of a solid is equal to the total moisture minus free moisture. Which of the following substances will have maxi-mum equilibrium moisture ?

21647. In the absorption of ammonia in water, the main resistance to absorption is by the __________ phase.

21648. Drying of refractory is normally carried out in a __________ dryer.

21649. The expression, ln(F/W) = is

21650. Heat sensitive materials with very high latent heat of vaporisation may be economically separated using

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