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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 433

21651. When the solvent dissolves very little of solute, then

21652. An alkaline solution is used to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in a stream from 10% to 0.1% by absorption with irreversible chemical reaction. The overall number of transfer units based on gas phase is

21653. HETP is numerically equal to HTU, only when the operating line

21654. In a distillation operation, what is the effect of the temperature of the reflux stream (given below) on the condenser and reboiler loads ? Reflux conditions: (i) Reflux stream is completely liquid and is at its bubble point. (ii) Reflux stream is below its bubble point.

21655. Steady state equimolal counter diffusion occurs in case of

21656. JD factor for mass transfer is a function of Reynolds number. Mass transfer by molecular diffusion from a single drop to surrounding still air is given by

21657. The relative saturation of an unsaturated mixture of gas and vapor is independent of the

21658. The adiabatic saturation curve for a vapour-gas mixture is

21659. Excessive end play of the crank shaft is prevented by using

21660. The value of NA/(NA + NB), for steady state equimolal counter diffusion of two gases 'A' and 'B' is

21661. Drift in a cooling tower is

21662. With increase in the concentration of the adsorbate, the integral heat of adsorption

21663. Small dia distillation column can be a

21664. If mass diffusivity in a mixture is equal to the thermal diffusivity, then the Lewis number is

21665. An air-water vapour mixture has a dry bulb temperature of 60°C and a dew point temperature of 40°C. The total pressure is 101.3 kPa and the vapour pressure of water at 40°C and 60°C are 7.30 kPa and 19.91 kPa respectively.The humidity of air sample expressed as kg of water vapour/kg of dry air is

21666. __________ column is used in gas absorption process.

21667. Nitrobenzene (boiling point = 210.6°C) is steam distilled at 1 atm pressure.Nitrobenzene will distill off __________ °C.

21668. The throttle position sensor can be checked by

21669. At what value of reflux ratio, number of theoretical plates in a distillation column is minimum ?

21670. Batch tray dryers suffers from the disadvantage of

21671. In a moderately sized packed absorption tower, channeling (which is most severe with stacked packings) can be minimised by taking the ratio of tower diameter to packing diameter

21672. In petrol fuel injection system,the two positions of injectors are

21673. The 'shanks system' of leaching (i.e., counter-current multiple contact leaching) is used for

21674. Penetration model (theory) for mass transfer was enunciated by

21675. Surface renewal model of mass transfer was enunciated by

21676. When the __________ the relative humidity of air decreases, despite an increase in the absolute humidity.

21677. For turbulent mass transfer in pipes, the Sherwood number depends on the Reynolds number as

21678. The relative humidity of air decreases in-spite of an increase in the absolute humidity, when the

21679. Unit of molal diffusivity is

21680. The term "approach" in a cooling tower refers to the difference in the temperature of the

21681. Binary distillation involves the mass transfer by __________ at the gas-liquid interface.

21682. In a gas-liquid absorption coloumn, for obtaining the maximum absorption efficiency

21683. Reverse osmosis is also called

21684. Which of the following is not a batch drier?

21685. Steam distillation is not recommended to be used, if the

21686. Rayleigh equation applies to __________ distillation.

21687. Mass transfer co-efficient 'K' according to penetration theory varies with mass dif-fusivity as

21688. Most important factor to be considered in the selection of packings for absorbers is the __________ of packing.

21689. __________ is the separation technique used for desalination of sea water.

21690. The relative saturation of a partially saturated mixture of vapour and gas can be increased by __________ of the mixture.

21691. Danckwerts developed the __________ theory.

21692. Molecular distillation is

21693. Drying of a wet solid under constant drying conditions means the exposure of the wet solid to the air of constant

21694. Which of the following provides maximum contact surface for a liquid-vapour system?

21695. For experimental determination of mass transfer co-efficient by wetted wall tower, the mass transfer area is

21696. In stripping section of continuous distillation column, the

21697. Molality is defined as the number of gm moles of solute per __________ of solvent.

21698. __________ is concerned with the adsorption equilibria.

21699. X-rays are not reflected by target so it is not used in?

21700. Fractional solvent extraction

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