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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 443

22151. Atmospheric corrosion of metals result from their

22152. Karbate is

22153. Which type of rivets are used for clutch facing are attached to the hub plate?

22154. Which one has the maximum tensile strength out of the following ?

22155. Material of construction of pipe generally used for conveying water in India is

22156. Which of the following is the softest material ?

22157. Thermosetting polymers are

22158. Maximum consumption of lead is in the manufacture of

22159. Clock pendulums are usually made of __________ steel.

22160. Which of the following is produced by addition polymerisation ?

22161. With increase in the carbon percentage in the steel, its

22162. __________ is used for determining the tensile strength of steels.

22163. Mild steel storage vessels are suitable for the storage of

22164. Mild steel is a/an __________ steel.

22165. Hardened steel is softened by

22166. Which of the following is not shipped in mild steel containers ?

22167. Addition of lead, sulphur and phosphorus to low carbon steel helps in improving its

22168. Maximum consumption of copper is in

22169. Which type of gear box double de clutching is essential?

22170. Manganese in steel affects its

22171. Lead lined equipments & vessels are suitable for handling

22172. Carbon tetrachloride can be stored in a storage vessel made of

22173. The process of coating steel sheets by zinc to improve its corrosion resistance is called

22174. __________ does not contain copper as an alloying element,

22175. Reactor used in the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is made of

22176. __________ is added in low carbon steel to raise its yield point.

22177. __________ iron is produced, when molten pig iron is allowed to cool gradually.

22178. Cast iron vessels are not suitable for the storage of

22179. Condenser tubes are not made of

22180. Tin in its pure form is used for making

22181. Addition of __________ in steel is helpful in increasing the depth of hardness.

22182. Hydrochloric acid is stored in a__vessel.

22183. Brass tubes are used in the manufacture of tubes of evaporators used in sugar and salt industries, mainly because of its

22184. As the shock absorber compressed the fluid pass through the piston orifice and

22185. Ferric stainless steels compared to austenitic stainless steels

22186. Liners of a ball mill are never made of

22187. Most of the common metals have __________ crystal structure.

22188. Cast iron is a __________ material.

22189. Hydrocyanic acid is not shipped in

22190. Spark plugs are made of

22191. The high expansion metal normally used in the bimetallic thermometer is __________ temperature measurement.

22192. Neutraliser tank used for reacting nitric acid with ammonia for the production of ammonium nitrate is made of

22193. Gas holder of a gobar (cowdung) gas plant is made of

22194. A material capable of undergoing large permanent deformation, when subjected to tension is termed as

22195. Bell metal is an alloy of

22196. The car air conditioning system,if the compressor runs no temperature between the low pressure and high pressure line indicates

22197. Lead pipe is

22198. Inconel is an alloy of

22199. A measure of toughness of a material is its

22200. Polymerisation reactor used for the production of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) is made of

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