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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 444

22201. Cast iron is having very high

22202. The material of construction of bearings is

22203. Which type of rear axle, the wheel is directly connected to the axle shaft

22204. Hastelloy comprises of

22205. Continuity in the starter motor in the field winding can be tested with

22206. Stainless steel contains

22207. Tin base and lead base alloys are used for bearing materials. Tin compared to lead has lower

22208. Metal at the top of the electromotive series is

22209. Fatigue failure of a material may occur, when it is subjected to __________ stress.

22210. Presence of even very minute amount (say 0.1%) of __________ in copper, reduces its electrical conductivity very seriously.

22211. High speed steel should have high

22212. Lead pipes are not safe for carraying drinking water, because water, containing dissolved oxygen attacks lead thereby forming poisonous Pb(OH)2. Lead pipes are readily corroded by

22213. An alloy of iron containing 4% carbon is called

22214. Steel pipes are normally manufactured by __________ process.

22215. Polymorphism is not exhibited by

22216. Rubber lined vessels are corroded by the action of

22217. __________ of a material results, when its strength is increased & ductility is decreased by heating at a relatively lower temperature after cold working.

22218. Which of the following metals in not used for coating of the base metal to guard it against corrosion ?

22219. Brass container is suitable for storing

22220. Aqueous nitric acid is stored in __________ vessel.

22221. A metallic alloy in which one of the constituent metal is __________ , is called an amalgam.

22222. Graphite is corroded by

22223. Carbon is present in the uncombined (graphitic) form in case of

22224. Among the tin containing alloys, __________ consumes the maximum amount of tin.

22225. The hardest material just prior to diamond in Mhos scale is

22226. The damage/deterioration of metals by the __________ action of fluids is called 'erosion'.

22227. The sum of camber angle and king pin inclination is called

22228. Plasticisers are added to polymers to improve their

22229. Polymerisation reactor used in the production of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) is made of

22230. The colour of the negative plate of a lead acid battery

22231. The softest material in Mho's scale (for measuring hardness) is

22232. Acetaldehyde is shipped in __________ drums.

22233. Monel metal is an alloy of

22234. German silver is an alloy of copper, nickel and

22235. The presence of impurities in iron

22236. Which of the following alloy steels has the energy saving properties making it suitable for use in electrical machines ?

22237. Visco-elastic behaviour of materials which is time dependent is common in

22238. Which of the following is not an alloy of copper ?

22239. Which of the following is the most prone to atmospheric corrosion ?

22240. As the impurities are oxidised, the melting point of iron

22241. In a plate type heat exchanger, heat transfer plates are never made of

22242. Compressive strength of wood is usually more along the grains. The tenile strength of wood as compared to that of steel is about

22243. Ball bearings are generally made of

22244. The ratio of side force sustained and slip angle of a wheel during cornering is

22245. Maximum carbon content in any variety of steel can be upto 1.3%. Steel containing 0.4% Carbon is not used for making

22246. Which is the purest form of iron ?

22247. White cast iron as compared to grey cast iron is

22248. Combination of metals and ceramics are called

22249. __________ iron is produced, when molten pig iron is chilled suddenly.

22250. Which of the following is the most suitable material of construction for evaporator & its tubes for concentrating NaOH solution to 70%?

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