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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 490

24501. Carbon refractories

24502. Magnesite refractories have low resistance to

24503. Which property is important for bricks used in the combustion chamber & dome of blast furnace stoves ?

24504. The maximum linear expansion of silica bricks during firing is about __________ percent.

24505. Upper portion of hot metal mixer are lined with mullite bricks, which helps in resisting the

24506. Pyrometric cone equivalent (PCE) of a refractory is the measure of its

24507. Highest melting (m.p = 3070°C) oxide refractory is

24508. Chrome magnesite brick is not used for lining the

24509. Which one contains minimum percentage of SiO2?

24510. Which of the following bricks should not be used, if the furnace is to be used intermit-tantly ?

24511. Refractory castables are used for

24512. The largest consumer of refractories is the __________ industry.

24513. Graphite or carbon refractories

24514. 'Spinel', a refractory mineral is chemically represented as

24515. Refractoriness under load (RUL) of fireclay bricks (under a load of 2 kg/cm2 ) is __________ °C.

24516. __________ of carbon blocks in the hearth of blast furnace helps in avoiding skull formation, when it becomes cold.

24517. Bauxite calcining rotary kilns are lined with __________ bricks.

24518. Use of higher percentage of lime for bonding silica bricks, reduces their

24519. Grog addition in fireclay during brick manufacture is done to

24520. To resist spalling tendency, a refractory should have

24521. Cold crushing strength of fireclay bricks is about __________ kgf/cm2.

24522. Spalling tendency of refractories is reduced by increasing its

24523. Carbon refractories are exclusively used in the

24524. Spalling of a refractory means its

24525. The main raw material for manufacture of silicon carbide refractories is

24526. Chromite refractories are used in

24527. Which of the following has the lowest electrical resistivity ?

24528. Dry mix hydraulic compositions of refractory aggregates with suitable bonding materials are called refractory

24529. Silica bricks have low spalling resistance below 600°C, due to its

24530. Tar dolomite bricks are used in the

24531. Bhagat Singh,Rajguru and Sukhdev were given death sentence in the murder of

24532. Which furnace consumes maximum refractory annually in an integrated steel plant ?

24533. Lower part of hot metal mixer are lined with __________ bricks.

24534. ”Rakhi Bandan”was programme in

24535. Sillimanite is a __________ refractory.

24536. High refractorinness of refractory bricks means, that it has a

24537. Conversion of silica mineral to cristobalite is accompanied by reduction in its

24538. Chrome magnesite is not used in the

24539. Which of the following bricks has the most close values of RUL and PCE ?

24540. Silica refractories are not used in

24541. Refractory materials are never used in the construction of

24542. Segar cones are used for the determination of __________ of refractories.

24543. Which is known as”Golden Fibre”?

24544. Carbon refractories have very high

24545. Carbon bricks are not used in the lining of the

24546. Who was awarded “Bharata Kesari”?

24547. Because of its very high refractoriness of the order of __________ °C, silicon carbide refractories are used in zinc smelting furnace, muffle furnace and for supporting the wares in tunnel kilns.

24548. Chrome magnesite bricks are

24549. Skull is not formed on the carbon blocks in the hearth of a blast furnace, when it becomes cold, becaus of its

24550. Firing temperature of magnesite bricks is about __________ °C.

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