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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 491

24551. Hollow refractory bricks are made by

24552. Quartz is

24553. An indication of degree of firing in silica brick is its

24554. One Newton is equal to __________ dynes.

24555. A very dilute solution is prepared by dissolving 'x1' mole of solute in 'x2' mole of a solvent. The mole fraction of solute is approximately equal to

24556. An ideal gas can be liquified, because

24557. The rate of material __________ is zero in case of a steady state system.

24558. A metal oxide is reduced by heating it in a stream of hydrogen. After complete reduction, it is found that 3.15 gm of the oxide has yielded 1.05 gm of the metal. It may be inferred that the

24559. Molar heat capacity of water in equilibrium with ice at constant pressure is

24560. If pH value of a solution is 8, then its pOH value will be

24561. The chemical nature of an element is independent of

24562. The heat change for the reaction, C(s) + 2S(s) → CS2(l), is 104.2 kJ. It represents the heat of

24563. A sample of well water contains 140 gm/m3 Ca2+ ions and 345 gm/m3 Na+ ions. The hardness of the sample of water, expressed in terms of equivalent CaCO3 in gm/m3 is (assuming atomic masses of Ca :40, Na : 23, C : 12, O : 16)

24564. Assuming that CO2 obeys perfect gas law, calculate the density of CO2 (in kg/m3) at 263°C and 2 atm.

24565. One micron is equal to

24566. Heat capacity of air can be approximately expressed as, Cp = 26.693 + 7.365 x10-3 T, where, Cp is in J/mole.K and T is in K. The heat given off by 1 mole of air when cooled at atmospheric pressure from 500°C to - 100°C is

24567. Gases diffuse faster compared to liquids because of the reason that the liquid molecules

24568. Equal masses of CH4 and H2 are mixed in an empty container. The partial pressure of hydrogen in this container expressed as the fraction of total pressure is

24569. Which of the following is not a colligative property ?

24570. Atoms of the same element, but of different masses are called

24571. If pH value of an acidic solution is decreased from 5 to 2, then the increase in its hydrogen ion concentration is __________ times.

24572. Kopp's rule is concerned with the calculation of

24573. Density of carbon dioxide is __________ kg/Nm3.

24574. ”Sadhujanadootan”was a magazine started by

24575. In case of a ternery system involving two liquid components and a solute, the ratio of the concentration of the solute in the two phases at equilibrium is called the distribution co-efficient. The distribution co-efficient depends upon the

24576. Solution made by dissolving equimolar amounts of different solutes in the same amount of a given solvent will have the

24577. N2 content in a urea sample was found to be only 42%. What is the actual urea content of the sample ? (molecular weight of urea = 60)

24578. Specific gravity on API scale is given by the relation(where, G = specific gravity at 15.5°C).

24579. S.T.P. corresponds to

24580. With rise in pressure, the solubility of gases in solvent, at a fixed temperature

24581. First Nair Regulation Act was passed in Travancore during the rule of

24582. Vapor pressure of water at 100°C is about __________ bar.

24583. At room temperature, the product [H+] [OH-] in a solution is 10-14 moles/litre. If, [OH-] = 10-6 moles/litre, then the pH of the solution will be

24584. A solution is made by dissolving 1 kilo mole of solute in 2000 kg of solvent. The molality of the solution is

24585. Average molecular weight of air is about

24586. 6 gms of magnesium (atomic weight = 24), reacts with excess of an acid, the amount of H2 produced will be __________ gm.

24587. Pick out the wrong unit conversion of calorific value.

24588. Increasing the temperature of an aqueous solution will cause decrease in its

24589. The activity co-efficient of a solution, which accounts for the departure of liquid phase from ideal solution behaviour

24590. Osmotic pressure of a dilute solution of a non volatile solute in a solvent obeying Raoult's law is proportional to the

24591. In case of an unsaturated vapor-gas mixture, the humid volume increases with increase in the

24592. Which of the following is an exothermic reaction ?

24593. Heat of solution in a system in which both solute and solvent are liquids is termed as

24594. 1 kgf/cm2 is not equal to

24595. Absention Movement of Travancore was organized mainly by

24596. On addition of 1 c.c. of dilute hydrochloric acid (1% concentration) to 80 c.c. of a buffer solution of pH = 4, the pH of the solution becomes

24597. The weight fraction of methanol in an aqueous solution is 0.64. The mole fraction of methanol XM satisfies

24598. One mole of methane undergoes complete combustion in a stoichiometric amount of air. The reaction proceeds as CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O. Both the reactants and products are in gas phase. ΔH°298 = - 730 kJ/mole of methane. Mole fraction of water vapour in the product gases is about

24599. Volume percent for gases is equal to the

24600. Compressibility factor of a real gas is the ratio of the actual volume to that predicted by ideal gas law. As the pressure of the gas approaches zero, the compressibility factor approaches

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