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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 492

24601. Cp equals Cv at

24602. Guruvayur temple was thrown open to the untouchable Hindus in

24603. For a reacation, X → Y, if the concentration of 'X' is tripled; the rate becomes nine times. The order of reaction is

24604. The vapor pressure of liquids of similar chemical nature at any particular temperature __________ with increase in the molecular weight.

24605. The vapor pressure of liquids (having similar chemical nature) at any specified temperature __________ with increasing molecular weight.

24606. Mass number of an atom is the sum of the numbers of

24607. Under conditions of equal reduced pressure and equal reduced temperature, substances are said to be in the 'corresponding states'. At equal reduced conditions i.e., at the corresponding state, the __________ of different gases are nearly the same.

24608. Colligative properties of a dilute solution are those, which depend entirely upon the

24609. Viscosity of atmospheric air may be about __________ centipoise.

24610. The osmotic pressure of a solution increases, if its __________ is decreased.

24611. Pure aniline is evaporating through a stagnant air film of 1 mm thickness at 300 K and a total pressure of 100 KPa. The vapor pressure of aniline at 300 K is 0.1 KPa. The total molar concentration under these conditions is 40.1 mole/m3 . The diffusivity of aniline in air is 0.74xl0-5m2/s.The numerical value of mass transfer co-efficient is 7.4 x 10-3. The rate of evaporation of aniline is 2.97 x 10-4. Its units are

24612. In osmosis through a semi-permeable membrane, diffusion of the

24613. A long cylinder and a sphere both of 5 cms diameter are made from the same porous material. The flat ends of cylinder are sealed. Both the cylinder and sphere are saturated with the same solution of sodium chloride. Later both the objects are immersed for a short and equal interval of time in a large tank of water which is well agitated. The fraction of salt remaining in the cylinder and the sphere are Xc and Xs respectively. Which of the following statement is correct ?

24614. The temperature at which the second Virial co-efficient of a real gas is zero is called the

24615. The hydroxyl ion (OH-) concentration in a solution having pH value 3 will be

24616. Boiling point of a solution as compared to that of the corresponding solvent is

24617. Real gases approach ideal behaviour at

24618. The net heat evolved or absorbed in a chemical process, i.e. total change in the enthalpy of the system is independent of the

24619. N.T.P. corresponds to

24620. During a phase change process like sublimation, vaporisation, melting etc., the specific __________ does not change.

24621. Chairman of 14th Finance Commission

24622. The boiling points for pure water and pure toluene are 100°C and 110.6°C respectively. Toluene and water are completely immiscible in each other. A well agitated equimolar mixture of toluene and water are prepared. If, at a total pressure of one standard atm. exerted by the vapours of water and toluene, the mole fraction of water Xw in the vapour phase satisfies

24623. The heat of adsorption of a gas caused by Van der Walls forces of attraction and capillarity is equal to the heat of

24624. The pressure of 'V' litres of a dry gas is increased from 1 to 2 kgf/cm2 at a constant temperature. The new volume will become

24625. 1 torr is equivalent to

24626. Roult's law is obeyed by a __________ solution.

24627. At standard conditions, N2 + 2O2 2NO2; ΔG° = 100 kJ/mole NO + O2 2NO2; ΔG° = -35 kJ/mole The standard free energy of formation of NO in kJ/mole is

24628. pH value of an alkaline solution is

24629. 1 kg of calcium carbide (CaC2) produces about 0.41 kg of acetylene gas on treatment with water. How many hours of service can be derived from 1 kg of calcium carbide in an acetylene lamp burning 35 litres of gas at NTP per hour ?

24630. According to Raoult's law, "The vapor pressure exerted by component in a solution is proportional to the mole fraction of that component." Raoult's law is not applicable under the following assumption/condition.

24631. Kinematic viscosity of 1 m2 /second is equivalent to __________ stokes.

24632. Internal energy of a substance comprises of the __________ energy.

24633. Chemical property of substance is determined by:?

24634. Avogadro number is the number of molecules in one __________ of a gas.

24635. Number of gram equivalent of solute dissolved in one litre of solution is called its

24636. The number of atoms of oxygen present in 11.2 litres of ozone (O3) at N.T.P. are

24637. Simultaneous doubling of the absolute temperature of a gas and reduction of its pressure to half, will result in __________ in the volume of the gas.

24638. Heat of reaction is not influenced by

24639. Pick out the wrong conversion formula for the conversion of weight units :

24640. The elevation in boiling point of a solution is proportional to the __________ of the solution.

24641. ”French Lover”is a novel by

24642. 1 Pascal (unit of pressure) is equal to __________ N/m2.

24643. 40 gms each of the methane and oxygen are mixed in an empty container maintained at 40°C. The fraction of the total pressure exerted by oxygen is

24644. A rigid vessel containing three moles of nitrogen gas at 30°C is heated to 250°C. Assume the average capacities of nitrogen to be Cp = 29.1 J/mole.°C and, Cv = 20.8 J/mole.°C. The heat required, neglecting the heat capacity of the vessel, is

24645. An oxidation process is accompanied by decrease in the

24646. Refluxing of part of the distillate in a fractionating column is a 'recycling operation', aimed primarily at

24647. Which of the following expressions defines the Baume gravity scale for liquids heavier than water ?

24648. Which of the following is insensitive to changes in pressure ?

24649. The heat capacity of a solid compound is calculated from the atomic heat capacities of its constituent elements with the help of the

24650. How many phases are present at eutectic point ?

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