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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 512

25601. For effective drainage, the finished surface of flat roof should have a minimum slope of

25602. If the depth of an excavation is 20 metres, number of single stage well points to be installed at various levels, is

25603. The minimum distance between the centres of bulb of diameter du, of a multi under reamed piles, is

25604. The method of moving each brick through a small horizontal distance before it is finally laid in any brick wall and pressing it by means of brick hammer, is known as

25605. The stone whose crushing strength is maximum, is

25606. The vertical member running through middle of a shutter frame, is

25607. The formWork including the props can be removed from beams, only after

25608. The type of bond in a brick masonry containing alternate courses of stretchers and headers, is called

25609. While investigating the site, a thick layer of fairly firm clay over a deep layer of soft clay is encountered. In such a situation, the following type of foundation is useful :

25610. The concrete slump recommended for columns, is

25611. The inner section of a cavity wall, is generally known as

25612. Nogging of a common wooden partition is

25613. Ornamental moulded course placed on the top of a wall, is

25614. The size of a floor tile commonly used, is

25615. The triangular portion between any two adjacent arches and the tangent to their crowns, is

25616. The depth of excavation of foundations, is generally measured with a

25617. The floor is rubbed with oxalic acid, for making its surface

25618. For the construction of flyovers in sandy soils, the type of foundation provided, is

25619. If a is the offset of concrete bed in cms, and d is the depth of concrete bed in cms, then

25620. The type of bond in which every course contains both headers and stretchers, is called

25621. Pile foundation is generally provided if soil is

25622. To stagger vertical joints in successive courses of a wall, a piece of brick is generally used at the end of the course, which is known as

25623. The concrete slump recommended for foundations, is

25624. The minimum thickness of walls built in cement mortar (1 : 6) for a single storey building, is

25625. The form work from the slabs excluding props, can be removed only after

25626. The pile provided with one or more bulles in its vertical shaft, is generally known as

25627. To construct a 10 cm thick partition wall, you will prefer

25628. The pile which supports the load due to friction between pile face and surrounding soil, is generally known as

25629. The voussoir placed at crown of an arch, is known as a

25630. The vertical members fixed between steps and hand rail, are known

25631. Pick up the consideration to the taken while designing a hospital from the following :

25632. The Cambium,which produces cork is known as------

25633. For plastering the exposed brick walls, the cement sand mortar should be

25634. The construction joints in buildings are provided after

25635. The arrangement made to support an unsafe structure temporarily, is known as

25636. Name the fungus which is extensively used in Genetic studies.

25637. An arch may fail due to

25638. The site of dark reaction in photosynthesize is-----------

25639. In soft clay of low bearing capacity, the type of steel pile generally used, is

25640. Stability of an existing structure may be disturbed by

25641. According to National Building Code, the hydrants in water mains is provided at minimum interval of

25642. Open test pit is only suitable upto a depth of

25643. ’Life itself,its origin and nature’is a scientific book written by

25644. The projections of head or sill of a door or window frame, are

25645. Columbidae colombiformes is a scientific name of

25646. The local swelling of a finished plaster, is termed

25647. The form work from the sides of beams can be removed only after

25648. In soils possessing low bearing capacity, the type of foundation generally provided, is

25649. Which one of the following activities is not correct as applicable to brick corbels

25650. Pick up the correct statements from the following :

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