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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 519

25951. In the Census of 2011 the female literacy rate in Kerala

25952. The rocks which are formed due to cooling of magma at a relatively shallow depth from the earth's surface are called

25953. The base material for distemper, is

25954. The thermosetting plastic

25955. Pick up the synthetic resin from the following:

25956. Slacking of lime is affected by

25957. The steel used in R.C.C. work is

25958. Mastic asphalt is

25959. Non acid-resistant asbestos is :

25960. Stones used for the construction of retaining walls must be

25961. Permanent magnets are made of high carbon steel and

25962. Plastics are compounds of carbon with element

25963. Athula’s Mushakavamsakavya is a semi legendary accounts of the rulers of

25964. Pick up the constituent of good brick earth whose excess causes the raw bricks shrink and warp during drying and burning, from the following:

25965. Cast iron is used for

25966. Stainless steel resists corrosion due to

25967. Commonly used thinner in

25968. Good quality sand is never obtained from

25969. Pick up the rock which is not a sedimentary rock from the following:

25970. For a good building stone, its specific gravity should the greater than

25971. Blister steel

25972. The most important constituent of varnish, is

25973. A ferrous metal is

25974. For making fly-ash building bricks, the following mix of fly-ash, sand and lime, is

25975. Tharisapally Copper plate is considered as the first dated inscriptions in Kerala epigraphy.It was issued by Ayyanadikal Thiruvadikal in

25976. Water paint is a

25977. Seasoning of timber is done

25978. The specific gravity of marble, is

25979. The rocks having alumina or clay as their major constituents, are known as

25980. The curved swellings from the growth of layers or wounds left after branches are cut off in an irregular manner, are known as

25981. The Danish fort ‘Dansborg’constructed in 1620 at

25982. Spirit varnish generally consists of

25983. In which state Amul launches country’s first milk ATM on 24th Jan.2014?

25984. The tendency of a stone is, to split along:

25985. Acrylic is the name of

25986. Glazing of clay products, is done

25987. Lime mortar is generally made with

25988. Duco paints are

25989. Who among the following are not the Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission of India?

25990. Steel contains carbon approximately

25991. Cast iron contains carbon approximately

25992. Plastic asphalt is

25993. For obtaining vinyl chloride acetate, the method used, is

25994. The yield strength and tensile strength of low carbon steel may be improved by the addition of

25995. Bitumen completely dissolves in

25996. Good quality cement contains higher percentage of

25997. Soundness of cement is tested by

25998. The PVC doors and windows are preferred as they are

25999. Based on its dry weight, a freshly felled tree may contain water

26000. Forge pig may be converted to wrought iron by

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